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We Won The Lotto (kinda)-Tipping Invasion-Realtor raids Fridge

We Won The Lotto (kinda)-Tipping Invasion-Realtor raids Fridge

Headlines Aug 2:

-MKO, Sioux Valley say grave sites believed to contain remains of former residential school children in the Brandon area need gov protection.

-Liquor Mart inventories drying up on shelves as labour dispute drags on. Restaurants & shoppers having trouble sourcing beer, wine & liquor with ongoing labour dispute.

-MB municipal leaders repeat call for safety upgrades at a MB intersection that was the site of a deadly bus crash in June, after another serious collision Monday.

-MB pummelled by more than twice the average number of hailstorms this year: Env Canada. 89 severe hail events this year, compared to an average of 43 from 1991 to 2020.

-Flair Airlines is adding 3 new routes for MB, meaning easier access to more sun destinations. Starting this fall Flair will fly YWG to Las Vegas, Cancun & Orlando-Sanford, twice weekly.

-Severe weather could hit MB today, with daytime highs +31.

We won Mega Millions! Actually NOBODY won and the jackpot increases to an estimated $1.25 billion after no one beat the odds Tuesday night and won the massive lottery prize. The winning numbers drawn were: 8, 24, 30, 45 ,61, and the yellow ball: 12. Our Facebook Followers Ticket had the YELLOW BALL so one lucky winner Sherri Webster, gets $1 USD and shares it with me. But Sherri is also getting a TGS mug! No one has won the Mega Millions jackpot since April 18, allowing it to grow larger and larger. The $1.25 billion prize is now one of the largest in U.S. history. Tuesday night’s drawing for $1.1 billion was the 30th straight without a winner.


Happy Ice Cream Sandwich Day! Snack and a Half is EVERYONE’s favorite but apparently there’s a few places to get a good sandwich around the area including the Velvet Dip in Brandon, Tastees, Twisters, Popes Drive In Hamiota, Nuburger- the village square, D’s Place in Silton SK, Cj’s snack shack at rivers provincial park, and the creamery in Oak Lake!


CARDI B’s ASSULT WEAPON is FOR SALE! Not sure how they can sell this if she is going to be charged in a criminal case, but the microphone she threw at a fan after water was thrown on her might raise some cash for charity!


We will NOT post the videos here, but it IS a Tik Tok trend you need to know about. It’s the Borax drink trend. Some are calling it the “Tide Pod” moment for Boomers on the social platform.


$50 Million Golf Course is hitting the Las Vegas Strip. And it’s the best kind. Drinks, food and did I mention its a GIANT MEGA Mini-golf course?


MOVIE REVIEW: BARBIE. My daughter Liberty gave us a review of the new Barbie movie on the show today, and news a real Barbie World is opening at this theme park next year!


Tipping Invasion! Tipping “Guilt”. The rules of tipping are changing.


The most expensive glass of Milk EVER! A realtor is caught drinking milk straight from carton out of homeowner’s fridge.


2023 Top Fast Food In the USA. Canada has 2 of the top 5. And a link for the #1’s most famous, most incredible dipping sauce of all time is here for the using!



The most “under-reported” story of the day. Scientists have discovered the ‘Holy grail’ anti-cancer molecule that can destroy tumors while leaving healthy cells intact! This could be a huge discovery!


Thanks for sharing Ashley! Know your spud!

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