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Baby Hears Parents-Wedding Meltdown-Perfect Flight Announce

Baby Hears Parents-Wedding Meltdown-Perfect Flight Announce

Headlines Aug 4:

-Brandon’s crime severity index, a measure for the seriousness of police-reported crime, rose 11% from last year, following a similar trend in Wpg & MB, after StatsCan released a new report last week.

-Brandon Homebuyer Assistance applications are being accepted until Tue, Sept 5, a provincially backed forgivable loan of up to almost $30K, providing funding equal to a 10% down payment & closing costs. For more visit brandon.ca

-Strike closes six Manitoba liquor stores. All Liquor Mart Express Outlets are shuttered until a labor dispute settled.

-State-of-the-art greenhouse in Dauphin to grow millions of pounds of tomatoes every year. Vermillion Growers opened a large-scale, 10-acre vegetable greenhouse last week, with a budget of $32M, with plans to produce 10M pounds of tomatoes every year.

-52nd annual Folklorama begins Sunday in Wpg, back to pre-pandemic normal. Folklorama 2023 features 40 pavilions over 2 weeks.

-Bombers maul Lions 50-14, move into tie for first in CFL’s West.

Happy INTERNATIONAL Beer Day! Perfect to celebrate going into a long weekend. However you may find it challenging to get your favorite brew thanks to a labor dispute. Liquor Mart inventories are drying up on shelves as labour dispute drags on and Restaurants and shoppers in Winnipeg report trouble sourcing their favorite drinks. But if you STOCKED UP, then you’re GOOD TO GO! Let’s celebrate!

GOLF TIME! Amber is hosting a golf tournament and is looking for some help with sponsorship, prizes and GOLFERS! It’s to help Special Olympics Manitoba!

The Bad and the Funny of flying in 2023! A Bloody passenger subdued on Delta flight after threatening attendant, witness says, and A CAPTAIN’S PRE FLIGHT ANNOUNCEMENT about behavior goes viral. (NO KIDDING).



Pope’s Hamiota goes viral with some great food! Check them out next time you’re in the area!


Thanks Natina! Rockin’ the Fields is this weekend and the PARTY HAS STARTED!

(Campsite competition at Rockin’ the Fields Images: FB Natina Pelletier)

If you’re going to do a speech at a wedding, be prepared. And if you’re asking someone to step up to a microphone, it’s critical that THEY are prepared. Here are some wedding speech HORRORS!


I cannot get enough of these videos. Technology can be scary, but it also allows for advancements in medicine. Here’s a video of a toddler hearing his parents for the first time.

FUNNY PHONE Behavior. This Is Exactly How Every Single Mom Reacts When You Try To Show Her A Video. How true is this?

I can’t wait. You can’t wait. None of us can wait! Fast food not fast enough: Half of us won’t go to stores without a drive-thru!


Now THIS is a BONUS. Taylor Swift Has Reportedly Given Truly Massive Bonuses To Her Whole Tour Crew, In Case You Needed Another Reason To Love Her.


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