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Rockin Minnedosa-Cat Lovers Day-Bacon Fat Soap

Rockin Minnedosa-Cat Lovers Day-Bacon Fat Soap

Headlines Aug 8:

-Western MB man was shot & killed Saturday; RCMP say. Police were called to Sioux Valley DN where a 21yr old man with a gunshot wound was taken to hospital, but later died. A 41-year-old man faces a murder charge & 17yr old boy faces weapons charges; both are in custody.

-MB Liquor & Lotteries closing 10 more locations this morning.  At 8am Dauphin, Gimli, Selkirk, Steinbach & Stonewall will be closed. In Wpg, Fort Richmond, Main & Jefferson, Portage & Burnell, River & Osborne & Sage Creek locations will close UFN. UPDATE 10AM CDT 08-08: Manitoba Liquor Mart employees will begin a province-wide strike immediately. The Manitoba Government and General Employees’ Union says the decision comes as MLCC announced Monday that employees at 10 additional Liquor Mart locations would be locked out — bringing the total to more than 40 stores. Both parties are in the midst of contract negotiations and MBLL employees are seeking a 3.3 percent wage increase.

-RCMP made 1 arrest Sunday following a high-speed chase leading to a manhunt in Neepawa. A 48-year-old woman was detained in the vehicle while the 45yr old driver, wanted on assault charges appeared to evade police.  RCMP can’t confirm if the 45yr old man is in custody.

-Gimli hosted another successful Icelandic Festival this weekend, with officials saying the 4 day event made a full recovery from pandemic restrictions, and initial reports indicate the same in Minnedosa for Rockin’ The Fields. Organizers at Dauphin’s Ukrainian are hoping for the same, as they tally final numbers today.

CONGRATS TO everyone involved with ROCKIN’ THE FIELDS!

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Happy Cat Lovers Day! Everyone on FB is sharing pics of their favorite feline today. A day to celebrate love for cats, and also focuses on the importance of keeping them safe, as well as on protecting more vulnerable wildlife that they come into contact with. The day was created by the International Fund for Animal Welfare. Laura’s cat pic “spoke to me” and I’m not sure why. Haha.

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The best Steak in Texas. Between Waco and Houston is a brilliant place. A Grocery store (butcher shop) next to a steak pit. Is it possible to get a more fresh and juicy steak? And they brag they will cut your meat to ANY SIZE you want! Gotta eat here someday!


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Dauphin’s Ukrainian Festival was this weekend. Perogies, Kielbasa, and of course music and dancing at the oldest Ukrainian Festival outside the Ukraine! Here’s a taste of the weekend fun. I can smell the friend onions and butter from here!

August Long the place to be is MOOSOMIN if you LOVE Fireworks. One again, the town did not disappoint with an amazing display for all to see from across Western Canada and the northern USA. Well done!

Guy turns bacon grease into soap to fight inflation! Problem is, it doesn’t smell like bacon. Why not! We need not flowery smelling soap like pine lumber, motor oil, fresh cut grass, coffee and bread. YUMM. I guess we’re not eating the soap, but it is cool to see how soap was once made and how this guy’s restaurant leftovers have turned into profit for him.


Today feels like Monday. And although it IS a short work week this week, here’s some laughter to get you going! Here’s 35 funny tweets to kickstart the week!


Is the biggest and best cooler for drinks in your bathroom? Can you use the tub to chill beer and wine and soda? Experts have weighed in and apparently, Yes, it’s totally okay to use your bathtub to chill drinks for a party. Here’s how, and why it works!


Co-op TASTE OF THE WEEK! Almonds and COFFEE and CHOCOLATE! Check this out as the product of the week from Co-ops of Westman. Sweet, and delicious. Love the white chocolate and coffee mix!


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