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Hawaii Fires-Toilet Horror Movie-10 Must Do Camping Tips

Hawaii Fires-Toilet Horror Movie-10 Must Do Camping Tips

Headlines Aug 10:

-Train derailment closes Daly overpass. At 1:45 this morning, BPS were advised of a CP derailment; 3 cars left the track, 1 struck a concrete support leaving some visible damage. Inspection for strength & safety are underway. The cars were not carrying hazardous goods.

-Homicide #2 in 2023 for Brandon, as BPS investigate after a man was found unconscious & later died Tues evening in the 400 block of 12th street. Police say witnesses tried CPR before emergency crews arrived, but the man was seriously injured, pronounced dead at the scene.

-Winnipeg police, MB RCMP among groups using social media as Meta blocks news for Canadians. RCMP say they will rely heavily on their own social media to get info to the public.

-A sulphur explosion at an ag facility in MacGregor prompted the temporary evacuation of about 50 nearby homes Tuesday.

-The out-of-control wildfires on the Hawaiian island of Maui have killed at least 36 people and injured dozens more, while others were forced to jump into the ocean to escape.

-Robbie Robertson, lead guitarist and songwriter of The Band, dies at 80.

Thoughts and prayers for the people of Hawaii this morning. Complete devastation on Maui and some tourists are stranded. Air Canada is sending aircraft to bring Canadians home.


The wildfire damage in Lahaina, Hawaii is extensive. Prayers are with those who are on Maui right now. #News #WestMaui #Fire

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New video shows a massive fire raging near homes in Maui, as an emergency proclamation has been declared for Hawaii and Maui counties over dangerous wildfires. #news #hawaii #wildfire

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We showed the video of a Toddler hearing is parents for the first time. Now another heart warmer. A Toddler smiles with joy when he wears glasses for 1st time. Eleven-month-old Theo, considered legally blind, sees his parents for the first time.

Barbie is influencing baby names? Not only is everything pink. Not only can you buy Barbie stuff everywhere, but now searches for Barbie and Ken and other names from the movie are “off the charts”.


First Dates are tricky, especially in 2023. But what is something that is an “instant deal breaker” for you? Sienfeld dumped a girl on his 90’s sitcom for “man hands”. Here, people share first date deal-breakers you should never ignore!


#1 use for the microwave? Re-heating coffee. But it tastes aweful! Microwaving Coffee Doesn’t Cause Cancer But Does Ruin The Flavor
Use this one trick next time you’re reheating your coffee in the microwave to help keep it tasty!

Camping experts weigh in! 10 Things You Should Know When Going on a Camping Trip.

TikTok recipe ALERT. Oreo Butter Is The Perfect Spread For Any Dessert and I love the fact it has less than 5 ingredients! How could you mess this up?


Replying to @deswhateverr Oreo butter recipe/instructions! This is literally a one ingredient recipe. Its insanely good #oreos #recipes #summerdessert

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Horror Movie Trailer or toilet paper commercial? Can it be both? Scott Brand Turns Toilet Clog Into Horror Flick. This video is not only funny and identifiable but advertising genius!

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