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Rum Day-Blind Side Blowup-Joke Day-Egg Smash TikToks

Rum Day-Blind Side Blowup-Joke Day-Egg Smash TikToks

Headlines Aug 16:

-Rising grocery costs hitting families hard as cost of living takes a noticeable toll. Shoppers & experts are raising concerns about the implications of inflation, which rose again to 3.3%; food to 8.5%. Biggest price increases were felt buying Vegetables, Pasta, Fruit juice, Edible oils, & chicken.

-Get ready for WIND AND SMOKE TODAY. Environment Canada warns of 70km winds for Westman and 100km winds for the interlake today along with poor air quality for all of Manitoba.

-MB Liquor & Lotteries says it’s willing to go to arbitration for labour dispute with union. Union representing workers open to arbitration but calls for parameters.

-Rumble strips added at MB intersection that was the site of deadly June bus crash at Carberry. Safety review of intersection to be complete by late fall.

-Sportsplex hosting open house today; Brandon residents have their say on the future of the Sportsplex from 4 to 7 p.m.

-The RM of Wallace Woodworth (Virden) has issued a Boil Water Advisory for Ward 2 users.

-8 teens arrested after 3 boys attacked, robbed in Polo Park mall. Police recovered large knife, BB handgun designed to look like a Glock 19 after 3 teens robbed Friday.

One Winnipeg woman went viral after posting her cost of living struggles on Tik-Tok. CAUTION-LANGUAGE WARNING. Life is becoming very tough even for those making, what many consider, is good money. For a time yesterday, many on Twitter were asking openly “what is going on in Canada” with all the women crying on Tik-Tok?

HAPPY Rum Day! Tasha likes Rum when in eggnog!!!😋🤤, Terry Ostash says the smell makes me 🤢🤮 🤣🤣. Lois wants a mojito on the beach! 🏝️ 🍹 while Karen wants a rum mixed with milk and coke and Kahlua! Don and Linda want a simple Rum and Coke, while Kristine wants one shared with friends around a bonfire. Matt wants a rum in Bermuda, Nicole in a pina colada somewhere hot, and Tracy in the pool for free, in Jamaica 🇯🇲, when it is 32C in April!

Blind Side Blow Up! The movie “The Blind Side” is the subject of some big news these days, as the football player helped by an American family throws cold water on the feel good Oscar winning movie of the 2000’s. Here’s a trailer for the movie that sums up the plot in case you didn’t see it.

LATEST: The Tuohy family accuse Michael of asking for $15 Million before he filed his lawsuit. Michael Oher alleges adoption deception.


Should the movie be tossed in the trash after this dumpster fire? People Are Demanding Sandra Bullock Lose Her Oscar For ‘Blind Side’ Amid Michael Oher Lawsuit.


NEW TIK-TOK GAG Trend: Women and Children Are Cracking Eggs on Their Bald Loved One’s Heads.


The Top Ten Highest Grossing Concert Tours Of All Time, Ranked. Elton John could visit over 300 cities worldwide for his final goodbye tour, and yet still not be number one. Taylor beat him.


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