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Fast Food Meal Hack-More Fires-Kool Aid & Potato Day

Fast Food Meal Hack-More Fires-Kool Aid & Potato Day

Headlines Aug 18:

-Union, province headed back to bargaining table on MB liquor workers’ stalemate, MGEU says.

-A MB highway reopened after RCMP officers attended the scene of a multi-vehicle collision Thurs morning on Highway 3 near Roland, Man., 10KM south of Carman between a semi-trailer & a passenger vehicle. The driver of the car taken to hospital via STARS air ambulance; in stable condition. The truck driver, from Carman, wasn’t injured.

-‘It was crazy’: Smoke, water damage on several floors after high-rise roof fire in River-Osborne area of Wpg. 1 person transported to hospital in unstable condition due to smoke inhalation.

-MB dealing with smoke from N.W.T. wildfire, as Yellowknife continues evacuation. Kelowna declares state of emergency after fire jumps Lake Okanagan, prompting evacuations affecting 2,500, with thousands more on alert.

-Former Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews, a free agent after 16 years in Chicago, says he is stepping away from hockey to get healthy.

-Brandon Chamber of Commerce says the first of its Chamber Luncheon Series events will be a Provincial Election Debate on September 21st.

-Heritage Co-op unveiled its new downtown gas station at 102 Rosser Thursday with a ribbon cutting celebration.

Our thoughts are with the people of Yellowknife AND Kelowna today as both cities evacuate to avoid devastation caused by a historic forest fire season.

Back to School costs are too much for many families in 2023. Some organizations are helping out in a big way, including the United Way’s Tools for School Program. Below is a link of drop off locations and a report, showing how many families will struggle to get their kids back into class in the next 2 weeks.




Booze for breakfast!?!?!?! Why not, it’s Friday! Eggo has partnered with Sugarlands Distilling Company to make the ultimate breakfast booze cocktail. The two businesses worked together last year when they released the Eggo Nog Appalachian Sippin’ Cream, a Christmas drink combined churned cream, cinnamon, nutmeg, and rum into a drink designed to pair with Eggo’s Thick & Fluffy frozen waffles.


While we’re at it, here’s the competition. A list of the best cocktails OF ALL TIME for Breakfast Time.


Is this really a hack or just being cheap? ‘This is the best thing ever. It comes with bread, it comes with a drink.’ A TikTokker named Kinsley posted a video where she shared a $9 food-ordering hack from Longhorn Steakhouse that will fill you up and won’t put a huge dent in your wallet. Is this the start of a trend? Hope not.

Restaurant Chains That Are Actually Celebrity-Owned. Celebrities may lend their image to a restaurant, but some chains are actually owned and even operated by big names in the entertainment industry.


California’s favorite food is Orange chicken. Now you can make it with simple soda. While it might sound unconventional, orange soda is the fizzy, flavorful kick your chicken needs. Try it as a marinade or a way to make the best orange chicken!


Oreo Kicks Off Spooky Season with BOO. Not sure if theire up here in Canada yet, but if you like Halloween and Oreo we just want to put this on your radar.


SATURDAY IS National Potato Day!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where have THESE Potatoes been my whole life?????????????????

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