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Mom’s Bday-Pink in Fargo-Habitat helps Families making $100k

Mom’s Bday-Pink in Fargo-Habitat helps Families making $100k

Headlines Aug 21:

-Flights carrying evacuees escaping wildfires from NWT began to arrive in Wpg Saturday. Portage, Brandon & Wpg are prepared to house up to 3,000 of the more than 19,000 who left Yellowknife Friday as wildfires burn across the territory. UPDATE: So far only two flights have landed in Winnipeg, and most have elected to stay with friends and family. CBC reports flights are currently on “pause” for the time being as need assessments are made.

-Workers at MB Public Insurance have “overwhelmingly” voted in favour of strike action, according to the MGEU.

-The union, which also represents striking liquor workers in MB, represents 1700 MPI employees in Wpg, Brandon, Portage & Dauphin.

-At its Monday meeting, BdnCity Council will consider changing the speed limits on the western edge of Victoria Ave extending the 60km/hr zone into what is currently 80km/hr.

-Province to help support Brandon’s bid for Olympic Curling Trials in 2025, by investing up to $450,000 to support Brandon’s Local Curling Host Committee in hopes of hosting the 2025 Roar of the Rings Olympic Curling Trials.

-Explosives seized from apartment in Wpg’s north end: A 34yr old man was arrested after police found 4 Molotov cocktails & kerosene.

-Blue Bombers squeak by Stampeders for Friday victory. Demerio Houston touchdown helps Winnipeg improve to 8-2 this season.

Sun Seeker Bernice was in Fargo for the Pink show over the weekend and gave a review of the show Monday morning. Bernice felt the show as a bit “laid back” compared to the other two she attended. Below is a sample of some of the show.

(Bernice Kennedy on the way to PINK in Fargo: FB)


Manitoba was prepared for 3000 evacuees from the NWT, it appears we may not get that many. No additional flights are scheduled to land in Winnipeg for the time being. A flight carrying 15 people arrived early Saturday morning and another arrived Saturday night. CBC is reporting 42 evacuees currently registered at hotels in Winnipeg. Other evacuees have chosen to stay with family and friends.


Instagram group helping those coming into MB:


(Okanogan Lake August 19, 2023:FB)

The First Things to Do If a Natural Disaster Occurs While You’re on Vacation. A natural disaster while on vacation isn’t exactly what most people have in mind. With extreme weather becoming increasingly common, this will help you put a plan in place for dealing with an emergency evacuation!


TROPICAL MANITOBA in FRIENDLY MANITOBA! Sunseeker Quentin took in the Leaf in Winnipeg over the weekend. Great attraction at Assiniboine Park that would be even MORE amazing when it’s -4 in January. It’s really a tropical paradise!

ATTENTION BURGER LOVERS! 10 small town restaurants along the Winnipeg river are participating this year. Come out at try some good looking and tasty burgers.


Kid Rock Causes Twitter Meltdown After Drinking Bud Light. It’s beer. And if it’s hot out and the beer is cold, is this really still a big deal?


Steal my lunch you may pay the price! An office lunch thief ate spicy leftovers and is accusing the rightful lunch owner of poisoning them? Maybe don’t steal?

‘BARBIE’ FINALLY DETHRONED AT BOXOFFICE. ‘Beetle’ beats ‘Barbie’ in N.American theaters It was a good news/bad news weekend for “Blue Beetle,” the latest superhero film to hit North American theaters and the first built around a live-action Latino character.


Habitat Helps those making ONE HUNDRED Thousand? Toronto’s housing market is so expensive, families earning $100,000 are now eligible for Habitat for Humanity help.


What Is Wastewater Beer And Is It Safe To Drink? A pale ale or IPA made from recycled shower and laundry water may seem unfathomable, but these beverages and more may be on their way to market soon.


California getting UGLY. A Powerful 5.1 Magnitude Earthquake And A Tropical Storm Hit California On The Same Day! LIfe in CA may not be all it’s cracked up to be. Last year it was fires, and this weekend the region was dealt a double-whammy of natural disaster when an earthquake in Ventura County triggered widespread tremors.

(Sunseeker Trev and 1980something. Haha)

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