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Fast & Furious Chrystia-Wiener Straws-Sad News at Dots Pretzels

Fast & Furious Chrystia-Wiener Straws-Sad News at Dots Pretzels

Headlines Aug 23:

-Police watchdog investigates man’s death after arrest in Brandon. Man displayed ‘unusual behaviour’ after arrest, condition deteriorated rapidly; Aug 20.

-The number of vehicles with windshields and back windows smashed is going up in Brandon, according to local glass & autobody shops. Experts recommend parking in well-lit areas; using car ports, garages as much as possible.

-ACC says it’s “preparing to welcome more than 4,100 students this year, with most resuming studies on campus after Labour Day. That’s an increase of 12%.

-More than 500 high school football players across MB will be receiving new football helmets courtesy of the Blue Bombers. The team will distribute 15 per school across the province’s 35 high school football teams.

-Boy injured in walkway collapse during field trip may be permanently disabled, parents say in lawsuit. 18 people were taken to hospital after falling from elevated walkway at Wpg’s Fort Gibraltar in May.

-Police told Wpg family their loved one was killed, but he showed up alive 8 days later. ID was made through dental records, based on evidence of surgery on upper teeth.

-Winnipeg Press Club, formed in 1887, the oldest media club in Canada, announced Monday that it’s officially dissolving after 136 years.

THANKS Cynamon Mychasiw for coming on the show today to talk about the URGENT NEED with the United Way Tools for School program! It makes sure that all students receive the educational supplies that they need for success in their classroom. In some areas of the Region, the need for backpacks filled with school supplies is as high as 8 in 10 students. United Way’s Tools for School aims to reduce barriers preventing kids from successful learning and participation in school. Donation collection bins are set up throughout the city of Brandon to help over 900 students each year. Supplies are boxed up and delivered to all schools in the Brandon School Division at the end of August and are made available to students for the first day back to school. With inflation hurting families across Manitoba in more ways that one, the NEED IS MUCH GREATER than it has EVER been! For more details on what is needed, and where you can drop off supplies please click below:


SPEEDY GONZALEZ! Not only does Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland drive, but she drives fast. Obviously not on her bicycle, and instead in a rental car in Alberta, apparently our Finance Minister has a lead foot. “The Deputy Prime Minister was pulled over for driving 132 km/h while travelling between Grande Prairie and Peace River,” said spokesperson Katherine Cuplinskas told the Toronto Sun. The Deputy PM’s office confirmed the charge to the Toronto Sun after news of the interaction broke on the Counter Signal website. In that story, Keean Bexte reported that she was driving 42 kilometres over the speed limit. Freeland’s office has so far not answered what the speed limit was in the area of the highway where she was driving.

OH NO. Dot’s Pretzels is leaving North Dakota! But do not fear, the pretzels will still be made available to all, since Hershey Company bought the product from Dot in Velva North Dakota. In her agreement, she asked to keep the original plant in the small town and Hershey agreed to 3 years. Apparently 3 years is up. Close to 30 people have lost their jobs.


Who takes a baby to a concert? Flo Rida Concert Goes Viral Thanks To Crowd-Surfing Baby.


SILLY SEASON IN THE USA STARTS TONIGHT! Get ready for political drama like you’ve never seen before! The irst official presedential primary debate goes tonight, and if you’re interested, here’s everything you need to know.


Who wants to get their drink by suckin on a wiener? No Joke. Oscar Mayer launches hot dog straw after viral video.

MORE ON THE STRAW HERE: https://guiltyeats.com/2023/08/22/oscar-mayer-launches-hot-dog-straw-viral-video/

How much food can you put on ONE BURGER?!?!? Wendy’s Officially Introduces New Loaded Nacho Sandwiches.

Sorry. Hot Dogs only please. But apparently this is quite common. Apparently it’s called Brazilian style. Who knew? Yes, Ketchup And Mustard Can Be Pizza Toppings.


Why is there a big buzz around OCEAN POOLS? This Ocean pool is creating a splash at Turks and Caicos resort.


Never say never. This would be a Hollywood ending to a Hollywood disaster! Britney Spears Talking About Reconciling with Dad Jamie Spears. Wouldn’t it be great if they could get past all the garbage they’ve been through?


Star Wars Geek Alert: Mark Hamill Gets To Hold Luke’s Lightsaber Prop For The First Time In Decades.

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