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Zach & Stanley-Waffles & Can Openers-Fake Movie Towns

Zach & Stanley-Waffles & Can Openers-Fake Movie Towns

Headlines Aug 24:

-Tentative deal reached between MB Liquor & Lotteries, workers’ union could end strike action. Vote on new deal starts Thursday, strike to continue until voting Sunday.

-As one strike moves in a positive direction, another could be getting underway soon. MB Public Insurance says it’s finalizing labour interruption plans after the union, representing 1700 workers, rejected the latest offer.

– A man from Erickson is MB’s latest millionaire after winning Lotto 6/49 earlier this month. Roy Robinson won $1M in the Aug. 5 Gold Ball draw, purchased from a Canadian Tire gas bar in Brandon.

-Sioux Valley DN joined the ranks of other Indigenous communities in Canada to host the Stanley Cup. Sioux Valley member & NHL champion Zach Whitecloud hoisted the cup in his home community Wed surrounded by hundreds of people.

-RCMP in Portage say they seized 1 kilo of meth & coke after conducting a traffic stop Tuesday.

-UofM honours largest class of medical students at welcoming ceremony. Incoming students hope to address current physician shortage in the province. |

The POW-WOW Heard across Canada! Zach brings the Stanley Cup to Westman! Zach became the first Indigenous hockey player from Sioux Valley Dakota Nation to join the ranks of the National Hockey League’s (NHL’s) Vegas Golden Knights. Born November 28, 1996 in Brandon, he was raised on Sioux Valley Dakota Nation. He went to Vincent Massey High School in Brandon, played with the Virden Oil Kings, then the Brandon Wheat Kings. He signed his first contract with the Vegas Golden Knights in 2018 and another six-year contract in 2021.

Couldn’t make the gathering Wednesday? THIS is what is was like when a horse and buggy carried Zach and his trophy to Sioux Valley for all to see and touch and take pictures.

HAPPY NATIONAL WAFFLE DAY! Celebrate National Waffle Day on August 24th and all year long with fresh-baked Golden Malted Waffles. Here’s how you can get a waffle iron provided at No Cost with Golden Malted.


It’s also international CAN OPENER appreciation Day! Canned foods are convenient. Air fryers is convenient. Why not put the two together? You won’t regret working these canned items into your next air fryer meal.


THE Last DVD. Netflix will soon send its last DVDs in the mail. Still have some? You can keep ’em.

Instead of a car rental, try U-Haul? TikToker Reveals “U-Haul Hack” When Car Rentals Are Booked Solid.



This Giant Fake Town Was Built Exclusively for Filming TV and Movies. There is a fake town in Canada built exclusively to accommodate film crews producing television series, movies, and commercials.


CORNER GAS TOUR WEBSITE: https://www.cornergas.com/walkingtour/vsspi/

Lufthansa CEO Plays Flight Attendant. Lufthansa CEO Jens Ritter takes on the role of a flight attendant on a pair of flights. It’s one thing to give lip service to employee solidarity, but it is another to actually take on their role.

GREEN GOO with your PIZZA? Pizza Hut Is Offering Pizzas, Wings, Mac & Cheese And More Topped With New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-Inspired Green Mutagen Ooze. Pizza Hut Australia hops on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles bandwagon with the launch of a new promotion that allows you to top your favorite menu items with green mutagen ooze for an additional $1.

Another Intoxicated Karen forces a plane to land. A guy posted ‘Just had my flight diverted because this lady couldn’t keep her mouth shut. Now she’s going to jail.’ A United Airlines Flight Was Forced To Land After An Unruly Passenger Was Denied Wine. Some people get anxious when they fly, but this is NOT the way you handle it…especially when you end up screwing over a planeload of people.

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