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Stanley Cup Slurpee-Mugshot Mayhem-Who’s Oliver Anthony?

Stanley Cup Slurpee-Mugshot Mayhem-Who’s Oliver Anthony?

Headlines Aug 25:

-Your Hydro is going up but could have been worse. A request to the Public Utilities Board for a 2% increase was denied Thursday. Instead, the PUB approved a 1% increase Sept 1 & then again in April of next year, costing the average customer $35-$60.

-Evening storms bring hail, winds, localized flooding & downpours to Wpg and parts of southern MB; power outages and cleanup continues.

-Like Bugles, Kleenex is leaving Canada. Kimberly-Clark is discontinuing its consumer facial tissue business in Canada, citing “unique complexities.” In a written statement issued Thursday, the company confirmed that Kleenex consumer facial tissues would no longer be sold in Canada as of Thursday.

-Wpg Police say several people are in custody following drug trafficking investigations. Nicknamed Project Watch Tower, the investigations were conducted between June & this year resulting in dozens of kg of drugs found.

-Scowling Trump mugshot caps historic Georgia surrender in election case.

-Collaros tosses 4 TDs in return, Bombers bash Als 47-17 for 5th straight win.

Congratulations to Jackie Taylor of Brandon! Jackie wins an oil change service from Murray Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMC Certified Service Express! She shared her GRADE 10 pic with us and in return gets a service to her vehicle that gets her ready for the back to school season!

Best Slurpee Cup EVER. AFter a trip to 7-11 at 34th and Richmond, Zach Whitecloud had a moment with the Cup that allowed him to fill it with anything he wanted. Chicken wings? M&M’s? Nope. A good old COKE SLURPEE went into the trophy! Congrats again Zack. Enjoy that drink and your win!

(Zach Whitecloud FB)

Trump has a mug shot. And the internet went bananas yesterday!




But as much fun as we have making fun of “The Don” be careful. He is still incredibly popular.


People are hurting. People are angry. People are tired of nothing getting done and everyone fighting. People are just tired and frustrated, allowing candidates who tap into that anger and frustration big political wins. There’s a reason this guy is the hottest thing in music. On Monday, hardly a week after the song’s release, the previously unknown songwriter and one-time factory worker who performs as Oliver Anthony Music made an unprecedented leap straight to No. 1 on the Billboard singles chart, topping pop superstars such as Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo as well as established country crossover acts including Morgan Wallen and Luke Combs. People are tired.

Seriously? You still don’t know what you want? People Are Sharing Their Own Stories After Guy Rants About Wife Who Takes Too Long To Order Food.


Move over NFL and Nascar. Wallstreet is putting it’s money on Pickleball! A Pickleball-themed Camp Pickle has unlocked $200M for growth!


Locking up stuff at the dollar store. You know things are starting to get back when the Dollar Tree adding locked cases, removing items from stores amid rising theft costs.


Shock and Sadness in the Wrestling World. WWE Wrestler Bray Wyatt Dies Suddenly at 36, Leaving Wrestling Fans Shocked and in Mourning.


HMMMMMMMMM. Have you ever had a song stuck in your head so often you know how it goes but not its name? YouTube could soon let you search for songs just by humming.


Subway sandwich chain is SOLD. It’s going to be part of a SUPER MEGA Company now, part of a private equity firm called Roark Capital.


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