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Plane Hits Chopper-Passport Problem-Right Way to Store Glasses

Plane Hits Chopper-Passport Problem-Right Way to Store Glasses

Headlines Aug 29:

1700 members of the MGEU have walked out on their jobs at Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) across the province, on the heels of a 6 week dispute for MB liquor workers.

-A man is dead after a stabbing in Brandon’s downtown Sunday afternoon. Just after 1:30 p.m., police came across a man stabbed in the 900 block of Pacific, while at the same time, taking a 911 call about a possible stabbing. The 46yr old man, was taken to hospital where he died from his injuries, marking Brandon’s third slaying of 2023.

-A 23-year-old Brandon man arrested in May after allegedly giving meth to a teenage girl and assaulting her is now facing more criminal charges after police identified 5 other child victims.

-MB provincial parks will be free to enter throughout the Sept long weekend. Vehicle permits won’t be needed Sept. 1 to 4, however overnight camping fees and entrance fees to national parks will still apply.

-Wildfire smoke drifts into western Manitoba today and still on track for a hot week with temps close to +30.

Booking a flight? Google can now tell if you should book now or later. Google Flights’ new trending data will help. When searching for flights, the site now shows when prices have typically been lowest based on dates and destinations, making it easier to know if prices are usually lower two months in advance or closer to takeoff. Here’s the latest developments for Winter 2023/2024 along with a few hacks to get the most out of Google Flights.



TRY IT TUESDAY with Co-ops of Westman! Today we had the in store made tortilla chips along with Black Bean and Corn Salsa. In short, the chips HANDS DOWN taste EXACTLY like what you would find in a Mexican cantina. NOT your regular big store brand nachos. This is a real taste of Mexico and is a GREAT buy if looking for authentic Mexican chips! The salsa was delicious and NOT heavy on either the bean or salsa, but full of flavor and very thick, so don’t be afraid to try it if you’re not a fan of corn or bean, it’s actually a very tomato rich chunky salsa delicious with chips or part of your favorite dish!

Canada’s new passports have a problem. Apparently the new passports curl like your kids art work. If you get a new passport, try and purchase a passport cover or holder to keep the pages together and away from ANY humidity.


Laughter can heal broken heart! Really! A chuckle is enough to expand cardiac tissue and increase the flow of oxygen throughout the body, thus exercising a weakened heart, according to a new study.


OZEMPIC for weight loss and diabetes, but it is a miracle drug? Word this morning it may curb gambling urges and even alcoholism. After helping over 50 million Americans lose weight, now it’s helping smokers and problem drinkers curb their cravings.


Joke of the day and SMILE of the day! Hilarious kid comes up with brilliant name for pet moth and can’t stop laughing. We don’t know what’s better, the moth’s name or Mills’ laughing!

Would you date this guy? The Man Who Is Living Inside of a Human-Sized Hamster Cage. Have you ever envied your pet’s life of luxury?


Turns Out, There Is A Right And A Wrong Way To Store Your Glasses in the cupboard. While it might seem like a case of ‘potato, potahto,’ as it turns out, there is a right and wrong way to store glasses. Should they be rim up or rim down?


A plane hits a chopper. What a fender-bender. A plane that just landed at St. Barts was in a rush to make it to the terminal when it side swiped a helicopter. Nobody was injured, but those choppers run about $2M, not to mention the cost of the damage to his plane!

Take Your Leftover Halloween Candy And Make Kitchen Sink Cookies. When Halloween is over, take your leftover Halloween candy and make some kitchen sink cookies.


I’m too cheap for a Charcuterie Board. French Fry Boards Are The Ultimate Crowd-Pleasing, Shareable Snack. French fry boards deliver the mouth-watering deliciousness of an assortment of fries nestled next to all the condiments you could possibly crave.


Adele Stops Show to Defend Fan Bothered by Security for ‘Standing Up’ and Singing. They won’t bother you anymore, darling,” Adele told the fan. “You enjoy the show. Leave him alone”



The guy that was getting hassled by security at Adele’s concert this weekend recorded the whole incident! 👀 So it’s now clear why security came over and why she stood up for him!

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CUTE PICS OF DOGS ALERT: In Korea, A Dog Grooming Salon Goes Viral For ‘Cute’ Styling Transformations Performed On Its Customers.


Who Controls The Window Shade On An Airplane? Recently we saw an argument between two passengers about who controls the window shade on an airplane. Deciding who owns the window if a battle between the person sitting next to it, and everyone else.

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