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Blue Moon-Fast Food Only Diet-Canada’s Prisoners ask to Stay

Blue Moon-Fast Food Only Diet-Canada’s Prisoners ask to Stay

Headlines Aug 31:

Hundreds rally for higher wages for striking workers at MPI & MB land titles. About 1,700 MPI staff went on strike this week, a day after liquor workers’ strike ended.

-MPI resumes driver testing during strike. Students who complete MPI’s driver’s education program won’t need to take road test.

-Workers at Winnipeg dinner theatre give strike notice. Tuesday, UFCW Local 832 announced its members working at Celebrations Dinner Theatre rejected a wage offer and have given notice a strike will begin on Sept. 5.

-MB child-care centres lack supply for demand. With the province’s “$10 a day” deal with Ottawa, 23,000 new spaces are to open in the next few years, however experts say the province will need 4,000 more ECEs.  Some daycares have as many as 100 parents currently on a waitlist.

-Alternative Choice Garden Centre, after multiple awards to coincide with a 25th Anniversary celebration, made a $50 000 donation to Assiniboine Community College last night to assist in the completion of the Ag Centre of Excellence.

-Winnipeg Jets to launch 2023-24 season with annual Fan Fest celebration Sept. 23 at the Hockey for All Centre just west of the city, coincides with the start of NHL training camp.

A rare blue supermoon was visible to those who didn’t have thunderstorms roll through the area last night. A supermoon is a full moon that is closer to the Earth than normal, making it appear slightly brighter and bigger in the sky. It was the second full moon of August, thus the blue label – “blue moon” is the term applied when a full moon is seen twice in a single month. The last time two full supermoons were seen in the same month was in 2018. The next blue supermoon is not until 2037, but another regular supermoon is on the horizon at the end of September and will be the last one this year.

(Blue Moon Wed Aug 30/Thur Aug 31)

Satire causes a stir. A Facebook page calling itself City of Winnipeg. In a perfect example of “Fire can cook your food or burn your house down” the page meant to poke fun at stuff in the city had most “cooking food” by laughing at the possibility of a 5km/hr school zone, while others flipped out, not realizing the site is a parody. Regardless, the comments are super funny, but it also serves two reminders. 1: we actually do need to slow down starting tomorrow, and 2-Be careful what you read online, and before freaking out, make sure it’s real. Last count over 300 shares and some are not happy. Thing is, it’s NOT real, so the joke is on them. 🙂

If you can’t work or go to school and a storm is coming, why not go rafting? These two guys did, and video bombed a CNN reporter. Hurricane Idalia made landfall in Florida at approximately 7:45 a.m. EDT on Wednesday. Up to 10 inches of rain could drop over parts of east-central Georgia to central and eastern South Carolina and through eastern North Carolina into Thursday.


Two men paddled an inflatable duck down a flooded street as CNN’s Derek Van Dam reported on Hurricane Idalia in Tampa, Florida. #hurricaneidalia #florida #weather #cnn

♬ original sound – CNN

Maybe it’s not just one. Don’t all fast food burger joints have pictures that look nothing like the food? Some customers have had enough and several class action lawsuits are underway to get money out of the fast food giants for making food that looks nothing like the ads.

RANDOM FOLLOW UP. FAST FOOD DIET? A sunseeker asked if it would ever be possible to live on a diet of 100% fast food and still lose weight. Apparently you can. BUT THERE’S A CATCH. You have to order 1 meal per meal (as in one sandwich one side and one drink) and half them for each meal. So essentially you get 1.5 fast food meals per day. One guy did it.

(Jenna & Ryan Markus FB)

JAMAICA! Jenna and Ryan continued their vacation in Jamaica and sent some awesome pics and video along and we felt like we were in the falls too! Enjoy that trip you two!

What do his kids look like? Michael Jackson’s Sons Blanket and Prince Make Rare Joint Appearance commemorating what would have been their dad’s 65th birthday by surprised his fans in Las Vegas at an event honoring the late King of Pop.


BIGGEST MAN IN MUSIC. Joe Rogan hosts ‘Rich Men North of Richmond’ star Oliver Anthony at his comedy club for surprise performance. Oliver Anthony, the songwriter of “Rich Men North of Richmond” — which has been No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for two weeks now — appeared onstage to wild applause.


Just let me stay in Jail. It’s better here, than out there. ‘Sadness and frustration’: Prisoners want to extend time in custody due to Canada’s housing crisis, says criminal defence lawyer.

SO you want to fly do you? Another meltdown after delays thanks to short staffing. A Woman Has Meltdown After Ground Delay Leaves Her Trapped Onboard.

Home Made Funnel Cakes! This long weekend, you can make your own fair food. AND IT’s Soooooo easy. Hot oil, flour, sugar and a flat top grill and you have a sweet treat to go with that labour day football game Sunday!

¼ cup milk
1 egg
1 tablespoon water
½ teaspoon vanilla extract
1 tablespoon granulated sugar
¾ teaspoon baking powder
1 pinch salt
½ cup all purpose flour
4 tablespoons powdered sugar (for afterwards)

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