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Costco Themed Birthdays-Bull rides in Car-Potatoes on Pizza

Costco Themed Birthdays-Bull rides in Car-Potatoes on Pizza

Headlines Sept 1:

MPI reversing course on a plan to waive the road test for some new drivers after criticism over the plan from driving instructors.  Due to backlogs it was reported some who completed the MPI driver’s-ed program, would be allowed to get their licence without a road test.  MPI has hit the brakes on that plan.

-Canadian economy stalls in second quarter as higher interest rates take hold, led by drop in new construction. Statistics Canada says the economy contracted at an annualized rate of 0.2 per cent in the second quarter.

-A new poll suggests 1/2 of Canadians are living paycheque to paycheque as the cost of living crisis continues, and young people are more likely to say their finances are in poor shape. And it’s hitting people in Atlantic Canada, Manitoba and Saskatchewan the hardest, as MORE than 1/2 in those regions say they’re just getting by on each paycheque.

-Today is Sept 1, which means reduced speed limits in school zones come back into effect; 30 km/h around many schools. | MB police watchdog investigating use of force after arrest near Dauphin which left a man with three broken ribs.  

-Assault charges stayed against 3 Winnipeg police officers; actions within their duties, Crown attorney says.

-MB ELECTION: Sept. 21 at 6 p.m. TV outlets in the province will broadcast an hour-long, commercial-free debate featuring party leaders who currently hold seats in the legislature.

-Bombers vs Riders in annual Labour Day Classic Sunday.  Blue Bombers Merchandise truck, Buzz and Boomer, staff & fans will stop at Tims on #1 Saturday morning at 10:30am on the way to Regina.

ADD THIS TO YOUR BUCKET LIST: Bioluminescent experience! It’s tiny organisms in the water that emit light, and create an amazing experience! Where does bioluminescence occur in the world? Bioluminescence often happens in the ocean and in the water as this is where the most bioluminescent organisms are found. Most bioluminescent marine creatures include jellyfish, bacteria, plankton, and fish. However, you can find bioluminescent organisms on land such as fireflies and fungi. Check out more below:




This is one of the best bioluminescence videos I’ve ever taken. Last night in Merritt Island with @Clear Kayaking was unreal and I can’t wait to share more! #bioluminescence #redtide #florida #merrittisland #ocean

♬ hope to see you again (Sped Up) – Antent

WOW! Kevin Costner’s Ex-Wife spills the tea about the outlandish Christmas Parties they hosted. Christine Baumgartner revealed some new details about her and Kevin Costner ’s former lavish lifestyle together. The estranged exes appeared in a California court for the first of their two-day child support hearing on Thursday, August 31, during which Baumgartner, 49, used to throw elaborate Christmas parties at a 10-acre plot near their shared home.


Trump IS COMING TO YOUR TV! OMG. Move over OJ Simpson. The trial in Fulton County will be televised and live streamed, after CBS News reported a Georgia judge will allow it.


EGGS. PICKLE JUICE. Is there nothing pickle juice can’t do? Frying Your Eggs In Pickle Juice Unlocks A New Level Of Flavor apparently, as several hungry TikTok users popularized this hack, and we support it: Frying your eggs is pickle juice unlocks a new level of flavor.


STILL WITH EGGS: The Best Way to Cook Eggs in an Air Fryer. When you have an air fryer on hand, your at-home chef skills become unstoppable.


THE COSTCO Themed Birthday Party. Ain’t no party like a Costco party! Leave it to diehard fans of the popular wholesale giant to to express their devotion in their birthday celebrations.


Take Your Halloween Cocktails To New Depths With Black Vodka. What if we told you there’s a way to add an air of mystery and elegance to your Halloween drinks? Enter homemade black vodka, a unique and bewitching addition made with stuff you likely have already.


No crust 5 ingredient pie that is to DIE FOR! It’s called “Texas Pie” and apparently it’s so easy, it’s got some Tik Tokers making it every weekend.


Pizza Topping Debate moves to Potatoes? Apparently mashed potatoes are the unusual pizza topping we need to try.


Bizarre moment a pony tries to get on a bus in Devon. Passengers on a bus in Devon received a shock when a pony tried to get on board. Last week a local who lives close to a bus stop spotted the horse trying to climb aboard.

Not just a Pony wanting transportation. A bull got a free ride too! Police pull over man with bull riding shotgun.


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