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School is Back-Secret of Free Samples-Garden Gnome Warning

School is Back-Secret of Free Samples-Garden Gnome Warning

Headlines Sept 6:

WELCOME BACK! Brandon School Division students back in class today.

-BPS reminds you, when nearing a school bus with warning lamps flashing, motorists must stop. Failure to do so is a $672 fine.

-BPS police charge a 42yr old man with 2nd Degree Murder; Brandon’s 4th in 2023.

-RCMP trying to determine the cause of a 2-vehicle crash in westbound lanes of Hwy 1 at Elie Tues morning. RCMP say serious injuries, but “don’t appear life-threatening at this time.”

-A woman’s allegations BPS used excessive force while arresting her on New Year’s Day had insufficient evidence to warrant charges, the IIU said Tues.

-Dauphin RCMP arrest 2 men in connection with shots fired at a Sifton apartment building Sept. 1. No one injured; no one inside.

-Election officially begins in MB ahead of Oct. 3 vote. Tories go into election with 35 of MB’s 57 seats; NDP 18; Liberals 3.

-Multiple vehicles damaged in alleged excavator rampage at Wpg water treatment plant; estimated $1M in damage.

-Business News: Sobey’s West undergoes extensive renovations; Second Cup Coffee & Chocolato will open at 2103 Currie Blvd in Oct. While Second Cup is making a 2nd appearance in the city, Chocolato will be another place for birthday parties in the city, not to mention ice cream and CHOCOLATE!

BACK TO SCHOOL PICS are EVERYWHERE! Here’s some FUN ones for parents and some BEFORE & AFTER shots!



Going back can be hard. Everyone remembers the little boy interviewed on live TV who caved when asked if he would miss his Mom. He made out just fine and Moms missing thier little ones today will too. Courtney Friel does an update 2 years after the original story and catches up with him and his mom.

DOG POO DEBATE. Can I put dog poo bags in other people’s bins? Dogs might be ‘man’s best friend’ but they are also the source of a fierce debate over on Reddit this week. The question of whether dog owners should deposit little bags of doggie doo into other people’s bins or carry them home with them to put it in their own bin (if a public one isn’t available) is being hotly debated.


The kids are gone and it’s time for an afternoon cocktail! The most bizarre cocktail names since they first started being poured. Ever wonder why cocktails tend to have utterly ridiculous titles? The origins of these bizarre sobriquets are as varied as the drinks themselves.


Then it’s time for a sandwich. But lets reward ourselves with something awesome. 7 Unhealthiest Subway Orders, According to Dietitians. Subway normally is known as one of the healthier fast-food chains thanks to its vast vegetable offerings and customization options. But these are ones that are delicous, becuase they may not be the healthiest.


FREE Samples make you SPEND MORE at the Store. The Psychology Of Free Samples: Free samples can offer an enticing snack and help liven up your grocery trip, but they also affect your shopping habits on a psychological level.


Warning: WATCH OUT FOR THE CHRISTMAS GNOMES! Christmas gnomes are being used in burglaries. Anyone spotting a festive gnome in their garden would likely be confused as Christmas is still more than three months away. There’s a reason for them.

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