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5 Gallon Slurpee-Jelly Salad comeback-FF Jobs at $40 an Hour

5 Gallon Slurpee-Jelly Salad comeback-FF Jobs at $40 an Hour

Headlines Sept 8: Natural gas explosion sends 1 to hospital at 6pm Thursday. The City of Brandon reports the incident happened at the Civic Services Complex; 900 Richmond E, and out of an abundance of caution, will be closed while an investigation takes place to ensure safety.

-No injuries reported when a moving van crashed into Little Chief’s Place store on Lyndale Drive late Wed night. Apparently, the vehicle’s accelerator jammed, and the truck slammed into the building after plowing over a protective concrete pole. The convenience store was the scene of another vehicle smash in June 22 when someone attempted to steal a bank machine.

-The Brandon Chamber’s provincial leaders’ electoral debate has been rescheduled from a Sept 21 luncheon to a breakfast Tuesday, Sept. 26 from 7:30a. to 9:30a at the UCT Pavilion at the Keystone Centre.

-RCMP say a 65-year-old woman has died after she was thrown from a boat, hitting the propeller in the water. Police say the boat, which was being driven by a man, struck a log floating in the water and the woman fell backwards into the river, where she was hit by the propeller, rushed to hospital & later died.

-MPI to resume appointments for hail claim estimates beginning Sept. 11th

-Wpg man purchases lottery ticket online, wins $1M. Edilberto Malabanan won the prize on the Western Max draw on Aug. 11.

Sunseeker Quentien is organizing a big event next weekend to help raise money for a young person in our community!


Danny Masterson has been sentenced to serve 30 years to life in prison for raping two women. We watched him on That ’70s Show, the TV series that was airing at the time of his crimes in the early 2000s. Judge Charlaine Olmedo allowed the victims of his crimes to read impact statements in court ahead of his sentencing. “I wished I had reported him earlier to the police,” said one of the women. Another woman told Masterson: “I forgive you. Your sickness is no longer mine to bear,” according to Reuters. Conan O’Brien called in 20 years ago.


Celebrities behaving badly. Now to Jimmy Fallon. A new Rolling Stone exposé reveals allegations about the toxic work environment behind the scenes at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Multiple former employees describe Fallon’s erratic and abusive behavior, as well as his temper tantrums behind the scenes. Allegedly he would berate and belittle staffers over minor mistakes. Amazingly, the show has seen nine different showrunners in nine years due to the dysfunctional environment and staffers lived in constant fear of being fired.

Airfare prices drop to lowest prices in years! According to an analysis by the travel app Hopper, ticket prices across the board are down 10% from 2019 and 9% from 2022.

Teen Dies after eating HOT CHIP. ‘One Chip Challenge’ chip pulled off store shelved after teen dies. Paqui, the company responsible for the viral “One Chip Challenge,” is yanking the product off of store shelves.


Holy cow. $40 Canadian per hour? Viral post called ‘Come work for us’ features an In-N-Out Burger employee claiming he makes $30 an Hour. Some fast food places definitely pay their employees more than others, but this seems pretty wild and got a lot of people talking.

Probe launched into AMERICAN flight that had ‘hidden camera in bathroom’. It’s being reported that allegedly had hidden camera in bathroom brought about a criminal probe after a passenger reportedly claimed a hidden camera was placed in the bathroom.


Coffee, Credit and POINTS FOR MORE FOOD! The details on the new Tims Credit Card. Tims Financial has officially entered the rewards space with the impressive Tims® Credit Card launch, targeting all coffee lovers. (while this is NOT advertising Disclosure: Tim’s Westman is a sponsor of the show.)

BIGGEST BURGERS FOR CALORIE COUNT! 10 Fast-Food Burgers with Over 1,000 Calories—Ranked from Bad to Worse. These are tasty, but pack the calories, and only include big franchise fast food choices and not independent options.


TikTok’s Cottage Cheese Jell-O Salad is making a comeback! There’s nothing new under the sun. So when cottage cheese and Jell-O salads had their time to shine on TikTok, folks recognized them as a blast from the past and 1/2 of those who try it say the love it!


Halloween soda south of the border. However, more and more grocers are importing the stuff, so be on the look out as Mountain Dew Releases New MTN Dew Voo-Dew Mystery Flavor And New MTN Dew Voo-Dew Zero Sugar.

FILLING A PAIL WITH SLURPPEES. A 7-Eleven Customer Tried to Fill Up A 5-Gallon Bucket With Slurpee And Got Shut Down. I guess this fella must have been thirsty, huh? A viral TikTok video showed a 7-Eleven customer trying to fill up a Home Depot bucket with Slurpee.

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