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Best Chocolate Bars-Stupid VMA Fashion-Love can Build a Bridge

Best Chocolate Bars-Stupid VMA Fashion-Love can Build a Bridge

Headlines Sept 13:

NEW Northbound 18th street bridge officially opens to traffic today one lane in each direction, for the rest of construction of southbound lanes & bridges.

-Brandon man ‘lured to his death’; Manitoba RCMP charge 3 people with first & second degree murder in connection to the death of James Vernon Giesbrecht.

-Public Utilities Board comes to Brandon for a public hearing tonight, on proposed water & wastewater increases, at the City Hall Foyer 6 to 8 p.m. Last year, the city announced intentions to almost double utility rates in increments starting July 1.

-2 people facing charges in connection with a spree of thefts over the summer of almost $120,000 worth of designer sunglasses & eyewear in Wpg.

-Apple iPhone 15 unveiled yesterday. One of the biggest changes; a new way to charge the iPhone 15 models, by using the USB-C already widely used devices like Mac computers & iPads.

-Tom Cochrane brings his Songs & Stories Tour to the WMCA Nov 27.

-Winnipeg Jets announce Adam Lowry as new captain.

THE BRIDGE IS OPEN! The northbound bridge structures opened to traffic Tuesday evening , accommodating one lane in each travel direction for the duration of construction of the southbound lanes and southbound bridges. Other things to keep in mind as the project nears completion: Fred Brown Way will be closed from 18th Street N to 19th Street N,
The east leg of Pacific including the under-bridge loop will reopen with the west leg of Pacific for construction, access to businesses and homes will continue with temporary access during construction, the new multi-use pathway and bridge structure is now open to pedestrians, and if you nee more info simply email dalyoverpass@gov.mb.ca.

IT’S NATIONAL CHOCOLATE DAY! And we’re asking you “what is your FAVORITE CHOCOLATE BAR?” International Chocolate Day celebrates chocolate, the sweet treat that is made from the cocoa bean. The National Confectioners Association lists the day as September 13, the birthday of Milton S. Hershey, the founder of the Hershey Chocolate Company. Milk chocolate was first made by the Swiss in 1875, when Daniel Peter added his chocolate to the newly-discovered sweetened condensed milk of Henry NestlĂ©, and it became popular in America and Europe. Milton Hershey invented the Hershey’s kiss in 1907, and its trademark foil wrapper was added in 1924. Hershey provided troops in World War II with a Ration D bar, and later the better-tasting Tropical Chocolate Bar. These chocolate bars were resistant to temperatures higher than ninety degrees fahrenheit. Besides Hershey bars and kisses, many other popular types of chocolate candies are under the Hershey’s umbrella, including Almond Joy, Mounds, and Reese’s. Another popular candy manufacturer in the United States is Mars, which produces chocolate candy bars such as Snickers and Twix.

Aaron Rodgers Out For Season With Torn Achilles. 4 plays cost the Jets $8.4 Million. He’s probably out for the season!


FINALLY. THIS Explanation makes sense! TikToker Perfectly Explains Why Boomers Had Such Affordable Housing Compared To Millennials. Renting or owning, housing simply took up less of their income on average. Millennials in their 30s now have it much worse.


Boomers in their 30s vs Millennials today 🏡

♬ original sound – Freddie Smith

We LOVE Plastic! Average household now has $10,170 credit card debt.
While Canada’s is 1/2 of that it’s a record number, and more Canadians have credit cards per capita than Americans, making Canada the most indebted nation per capita in the G7.


Wedding Party Fights Police in Wild Video. Wedding Party turns to chaos as a Rhode Island wedding party got into an all-out brawl with police officers, and it’s all on video. Half a dozen members of the wedding party were arrested early Sunday morning following a melee with cops outside a Newport restaurant … and footage shows the incident escalating from a tense exchange to someone hitting their head on the pavement, knocking them out cold.


2023 VMAs winners and highlights. The 2023 VMAs were filled with big winners, and a few surprises. The ceremony aired live Tuesday night from Prudential Center in Newark, N.J., hosted by Nicki Minaj.


VMA Red Carpet was Classy and WIERD! What Your Favorite Artists Wore To The MTV Video Music Awards. This year’s MTV Video Music Awards reflect a variety of generational talents–from Gen Z favorites like Ice Spice and Olivia Rodrigo to timeless classics like Taylor Swift and Beyoncé . Here’s what some of the biggest names in music wore to this year’s red carpet for the awards.


Will Endless Pasta come to Canada? Olive Garden fans hope so. They’ve announced the return of the never ending pasta bowl. Bringing back its fan-favorite Never Ending Pasta Bowl promotion September 25, with exclusive early access for Olive Garden eClub members starting September 18.

Apple ditches the Lightning connector in favor of USB-C after exactly 11 years. September 12, 2012, Apple said farewell to its clunky 15-pin connector and brought in a sleek, smooth, reversible 8-pin connector called the Lightning plug.


Coca-Cola launches beverage created with the help of artificial intelligence. The Coca-Cola Y3000 is the latest flavor to launch under a Creations platform designed to highlight its signature soda while drawing in younger consumers. But how will it taste?


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