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Food Truck Invasion-Alien UPDATE-Your VHS Stash Worth Buck$

Food Truck Invasion-Alien UPDATE-Your VHS Stash Worth Buck$

Headlines Sept 15:

Food Truck Warz opens today at Brandon’s Keystone Centre. 26 food trucks are here; midway & beer garden. Admission $5, children under 12 free. Choose from barbecue, Italian, Indian Fusion, Greek, German, Japanese fusion, Mexican, African, Jamaican, and more.

-Government of MB websites down due to ‘unplanned service disruption’. Governments of SK, PEI say their sites were down Thurs due to cyberattack.

-Small businesses in Canada will have more time to pay back emergency loans offered during the pandemic. After consistent calls from businesses across the nation, the feds will give them another year to pay back their Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA) loans, despite previously taking the position that repayment deadlines were “final.”

-Brandon School Division on its website addressed the ‘Coast to Coast Walkout’ event planned for Sept 20th, saying it’s aware of the protest and “this event is not associated with Brandon School Division. Any messaging is NOT from or endorsed by Brandon School Division. September 20th is a regular instructional day and as such, all students and staff are expected to be in attendance for the full day.” The message can be found at bsd.ca.

-Mobile clinic has vision of bringing eye care to high-needs schools across MB to provide eye exams, glasses in rural MB schools.

-New addictions recovery centre for women in Wpg. Anne Oake died in 2021 shortly after opening of Bruce Oake Recovery Centre, which she co-founded in memory of son.


Endless Food in a variety of flavors and the MIDWAY TOO! If and when you attend, be sure to take pics ready to share on Monday’s show, and don’t forget the name of the truck you bought the food from. Many of these trucks make their only appearance this weekend, and if you find something amazing, it’s worth a drive to hunt them down in another city or town! Enjoy!


This is likely the biggest burger on a menu in Manitoba. While many serve a big burger special ordered, you can walk off the street to LaRoque dining in little Wawanesa Manitoba and get this bad boy at an affordable price too. Problem is, you gotta truck it to this tiny town to get one. BTW it’s call the Ricky Burger. I’ve had 3. haha.

Alien UPDATE: We told you yesterday about the two alleged alien bodies shown off to congress in Mexico. Not everyone is convinced. This could be a stunt.

STILL WITH ALIENS! Apparently Aliens visited the one home in Las Vegas without a camera phone. A 16-year-old child called the Las Vegas police after he and his family sighted ten-foot-tall aliens checking out their backyard. This visitation coincided with an enormous fireball flying through the Vegas sky around the same time, caught by a Police officer body-cam.

NASA publishes long-awaited UFO report. The groundbreaking ‘UFO’ report as calls grow for transparency NASA has released its groundbreaking UFO report as the space agency pushes for improved tracking using artificial intelligence (AI) to help search for life. Really? How anti-climactic after such a weird week of stuff.


Here’s How Much Your Old iPhone and Apple Watch Are Worth. Apple’s Wonderlust kicked off this Tuesday, Sept. 12, announcing the iPhone 15, the Apple Watch Series 9 (and more products and features)—but how will those new gadgets affect the value of your current ones? It’s no surprise that tech gadgets drop in value once the new models are released. But some really hold their value. Here’s a list and links.


They’re leaving the picket lines, to do their talk shows SOLO. Sound familiar? Bill Maher, Jennifer Hudson, and More Scheduled To Resume Talk Shows. Following the news that the Drew Barrymore Show will be returning despite the WGA still being on strike, The Jennifer Hudson Show, The Talk, and Real Time with Bill Maher are all set to resume.

Your childhood VHS tape collection could be worth a fortune!
If you have a pile of sad old VHS tapes that haven’t been touched since the dawn of digital media, you might just be able to make bank.


These Actors Will Walk Your Dog, Do Your Puzzles, And More! A new charity auction from the Union Solidarity Coalition is now open on eBay. The auction offers a variety of activities available to participate in with famous actors, as well as signed television and film memorabilia.


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