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Food Hangover-Shocking Stuff in Shopping Carts-UFO Cake

Food Hangover-Shocking Stuff in Shopping Carts-UFO Cake

Headlines Sept 18:

No surprise. Tonight’s Brandon City council will hear the results of the Sportsplex needs assessment, where it will be recommended that council release a request for proposals for the design of a new Sportsplex ice plant.

-‘Search the landfill’ protests planned across Canada for Monday. From Victoria to Halifax protesters will march to local government buildings to protest & demand the MB Gov pay to sift through over 61,000 tonnes of trash to bring home the bodies of 4 women.

-Grocer summit to ‘take the heat off’ Ottawa, not tackle food inflation: experts. PM has summoning leaders from Canada’s biggest grocers today, calling for a plan to stabilize food inflation & warning tax measures are on the table. Loblaw president Galen Weston, Metro CEO Eric La Fleche & Walmart Canada CEO Gonzalo Gebara will attend.

-Trio charged Saturday in Brandon after police recover meth, cocaine, $600 cash & drug paraphernalia. The street value of the drugs seized is approx. $20,000.

-Wpg police are looking into the origins of an explosive device found during a homicide investigation last week. Friday police were investigating a death on Mulvey Ave when a suspicious item believed to be an IED was found, the building evacuated, and bomb unit called in. It was disposed of without incident.

FOOD HANGOVER MONDAY! Another great Food Truck Warz in Brandon with rides and 26 Food Trucks! Weather was hit and miss, but late Saturday and Sunday were the best days to go, and Beaver Tails seemed to be the fan favorite!

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Super Strength for Super Kids! Another successful year! Ethan has had a lot of difficulties, both before and after the bone marrow transplant from his dad. But he fought hard and overcame the pain, fatigue, and developmental delays in his bone growth. Now, Ethan is doing a lot better – after everything he’s been through, he deserves to have some fun! Super Strength for Super Kids is powering Ethan’s Dream to experience the magic of Disney World✨ at Anytime Fitness Brandon! A goal for 5,000 was set to make Ethans dream come true.. and we surpassed it. A huge thank you to Quentin Derhak and Anytime Fitness Brandon, MB for hosting this event. A huge thank you to Andrew and Karly with The Dream Factory for allowing Fairstone to help sponsor this little man’s dream!

The Mexican ALIEN from last week. Was a cake? haha


BREAKING: Mexican alien revealed as cake 🍰 #6ixbuzz #mexicanalien #alien #fyp

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Saturday Morning Cartoons and Sugar cereal. That was the best. Now it looks like Kellogg is ditching its cereal business becauuse of the slow growth of sugar for breakfast. Is the age of breakfast cereal is over?

Some found money while others found a BABY!?!?!?! 10 Absolutely Shocking Things That Were Found in Shopping Carts.


The #1 Appetizer at 10 Major Dine-In Chains, According to Chefs. Whether you’re the type of diner that orders an appetizer, an entrée, and maybe dessert, or one who loves to share plates of small bites with all of your friends, you probably have a favorite app you’ll choose again and again.


TRAVEL UPDATE-BAG SIZES are changing. U.S. Airlines’ Updated Measurement Limits For Personal & Carry On Bags. With so many airlines charging for checked luggage, more and more people are trying to stuff as much as they can into their carry-on and personal bags.

Calgary is getting a Chi-Fil-A!!!! So what happens when you send Chick-Fil-A a Wedding Invite?


You’ll never look at fast food Ketchup the same way again. The Viral Fast Food Hack That Uses Sauce Cups As A Makeshift Lid. Here’s how.

Too much pushback, Drew Barrymore’s show will NOT start today. Drew has halted her daytime talk show’s return until the Hollywood writer’s strike ends.

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