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Guys & Roman Empire-Government Grocery-Clean House Secret

Guys & Roman Empire-Government Grocery-Clean House Secret

Headlines Sept 19:

Brandon City Council heard Monday the Sportsplex ice arena should be renovated rather than replaced, after closing indefinitely on March 2 after safety concerns with the ice plant. Even repairing at a cost of $360K, it does not meet the current provincial safety standards, and would take 32 weeks to complete.

-Economic concerns in Canada grows as inflation jumps again. Statistics Canada says the country’s annual inflation rate rose to 4% last month, up from 3% in July. Grocery prices rose 6.9% from a year ago compared to an 8.5% rise last month.

-2 hospitalized Sunday night after 3 cars crash during alleged street racing on Portage Ave in Wpg.

-CISIS authorities have “credible” intelligence suggesting “agents of the government of India” behind the June murder of Hardeep Singh Nijjar, a prominent Sikh leader & Canadian citizen. The intelligence was shared with the House of Commons Monday.

-Fuel Good Day at Co-ops of Westman gas bars today, with $.10 per litre from gas & $1 dollar from coffee or Big Cool going to charity. Heritage-Brandon donate to food banks. Pembina: Souris & Glenwood Ag Society. Boundary-Deloraine Minor Ball, Killarney Services for Seniors & Westman Animal Rescue. Valleyview-Virden, Melita & Kenton Legion, SW MB Regional Library. Twin Valley-Personal Care Home Activities Departments. Neepawa Gladstone: Neepawa Handi-Van, Little Pirates Children’s Center.

AMAZING Northern Lights last night!

(FB: Tracy Gregorash/Nature & Nurture Photography)

ATTENTION CANNING fans! Gem jar lids are back. Those who have started their canning already, likely knew this fact, but Gem jar lids are available in Canada again after a brief absence. Details are HERE:


Tik-Tok Trend: Guys Obsessing about the Roman Empire. It’s true. The average guy thinks about the Roman Empire a few times a month, and sometimes more. But why? The questions have girlfriends and wives asking guys on Tik-Tok and it’s rather entertaining to see how much we obsess about it.


This trend is incredible. Some of the best ones #romanempire #romanempirecompilation

♬ original sound – ambarrai

Can government run grocery stores solve food inflation? A Chicago Mayor now wants to create city-run grocery stores. Mayor Brandon Johnson announced a partnership with the Economic Security Project to open municipally-owned grocery stores in Chicago in a bid to tackle many of the problems involving expensive food.


Candace Cameron Bure and CHRISTMAS are BACK! The holiday season is coming a little early this year thanks to Great American Family ’s 2023 Great American Christmas movie kickoff. Cameron Candace Bure and daughter Natasha Bure are two of the many stars headlining the 20 new Christmas-themed films, which will begin airing on Great American Family Saturday, October 21.


DOLLAR STORE GROCERY SHOP. ‘It’s still possible to shop on a tight budget.’ Woman Shows How She Spends $35 For An Entire Week Of Meals From Dollar General.
A woman named Rebecca who specializes in videos focused on shopping at Dollar General stores to make meals.

LOOK OUT PUMPKIN SPICE MOMS! Backstreet Boys Member Howie Dorough Open to Tour with *NSYNC. Howie Dorough says he’d love to have the Backstreet Boys tour with *NSYNC — but says Justin, JC and co. deserve their own spotlight first.


The meat is now chained to the shelves. ‘Stop stealing, people!’ A Man Shopping at Walmart Found That All the Steaks Were Locked Up. Armed guards at the exits, rude customers, self-checkout nightmares, and now THIS. A man named Kenneth shared a video on TikTok and showed viewers that the steaks at his local Walmart store in Las Vegas had been locked up and had security tags, supposedly because of shoplifting issues.

Stuff Olives With Almonds For An Easy And Savory Hors D’oeuvre. And this is super easy! For the perfect snack or dinner starter, try almond-stuffed olives.


If she wasn’t famous before, she certainly is NOW. Foul-Mouthed “Instagram Famous” Hussy Booted Off American Airlines Flight.

House not clean? Don’t worry about it! The average person’s home is ‘completely clean’ less than 2 weeks a year! A recent survey of 2,000 homeowners and renters finds it takes them an average of five days to actually start cleaning and sanitizing their home after they first decide it needs it! And there’s more:


Uh-oh. Another star changes their mind. Bill Maher returning without writers is not going to happen. It appears Mr. Maher says he changed his mind about resuming his weekly HBO show because negotiations in the screenwriters’ strike were set to continue this week.


More 3-D Printer Food! World’s First 3D-Printed Vegan Salmon Now In Supermarkets.


PUMPKIN SPACE HATERS will LOVE THE NEW VIRAL VIDEO from Ryan Reynolds and his booze. For Negroni Week, Ryan Reynolds reminds you to not to overgarnish your gin drinks like a cult member.

OOPS. We lost an $80M plane! How did it take Pentagon 28 HOURS to find missing F-35? Mystery surrounds loss of $80M stealth fighter.


Christmas in — September? Decoration dismay hits mall. But there’s a legit reason for it!


Is It Possible To Bake Cookies In A Microwave? Apparently you can. But we’re wondering if microwave cookies can ever equal their oven-baked counterparts.


Potato Candy Is The Depression-Era Treat That’s Unexpectedly Delicious. Fried, mashed or boiled, potatoes are the cornerstone of countless savory dishes. However, the reliable tuber also makes for a surprisingly tasty sweet desert. One part science and one part recipe.


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