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Costco Game-Taylor Picks Up The Tab-Pancake Day

Costco Game-Taylor Picks Up The Tab-Pancake Day

Headlines Sept 26:

MB election is still a week away, but Manitobans are already casting their votes at the advanced polls with almost 70,000 people already casting ballots. Sportsplex update: after maintenance shutdown, the pool is open again; construction of the ice arena set for 2024, with completion by late 2024.

-RCMP are asking for the public’s help looking for a teen girl not seen since Sept. 20. Tyeanna Daniels, 13, was last seen in her home on 9th Street Northwest in Portage, described as 5 feet 3 inches tall and 85 pounds with long, dark brown hair and brown eyes. It is possible she may be in Brandon.

-Winnipeg police arrest 6 and seize drugs and firearms.

-Poland’s education minister says he’s ‘taken steps’ to extradite Yaroslav Hunka. Hunka was introduced in Canadian Parliament as ‘Ukrainian hero,’ but served in Nazi SS unit

-American rockers Journey will stop in Wpg this spring as part of their 50th anniversary Freedom Tour with Toto, Canada Life Centre March 4.

-Brandon’s Seniors for Seniors Co-op is bringing back Smack the Jack, a game was first launched in Oct 2022, when it took six months to “find the the jack”, and a Brandon man won $192K.

-The ability to regrow your own teeth could be just around the corner. A team of scientists, led by a Japanese pharmaceutical startup, are getting set to start human trials on a new drug that has successfully grown new teeth in animal test subjects.

HAPPY PANCAKE DAY!!!!!! Butter or Syrup? What toppings do you enjoy on your pancakes?



“This is my favorite dish you’ve made since you started your food page” – Ross “I hope how good this is translates to video well” – also Ross Bacon Pancakes I feel like this is very self explanatory! Cook some bacon, I prefer baking my bacon because it is SO much easier and all the pieces are consistent. Preheat oven to 385°F, arrange bacon on baking sheets with foil and bake to desired crispiness (16-22 minutes depending). Transfer bacon to paper towels to absorb any additional grease. Prepare pancake batter, toss bacon in batter to coat. Cook pancakes according to typical cooking instructions. Serve with powdered sugar and syrup and enjoy! #breakfast #brunch #pancakes #bacon #sweetandsalty

♬ Sh-Boom – The Crew Cuts

Brandon finally has a Costco. YOU have a Costco, and YOU can have a Costco. A Costco board game that is. Monopoly now has it’s own Costco version for you to own parts of the store and of course, use food as player pieces.



Pack up Halloween and go home. Krystel Hwang from Manila wins the prize for the most creative yet creepy child’s costume. Krystel’s other daughter dressed up as a butcher. #bestcostumeever #fyp #foryou #art #artist #halloween #halloweencostume

♬ Monster Mash – Bobby “Boris” Pickett & The Crypt-Kickers

Time to start thinking about what you’re going to dress up for, this Halloween! 40 Kids Who “Won” Halloween With Their Cool Costumes.


It’s the “TAYLOR EFFECT” Travis Kelce jersey sales spike after Taylor Swift attends Chiefs game. Everything she touches turns to gold!



Travis Kelce Jersey Sales Spike 400% After Taylor Swift Attends Chiefs Game #taylorswift #traviskelce #chiefs #swifties #riristea #rivetsoro

♬ Suspenseful and tense orchestra(1318015) – SoLaTiDo

Another car company quits making gas vehicles. ROLLS-ROYCE to discontinue production of all diesel and gas vehicles.


REMINDER: Always keep that seatbelt on. 8 people have been hospitalized after severe turbulence on JETBLUE to Florida.


Media accusations are one thing, but a police investigation is another. UK police investigate Brand sex allegations. London’s Metropolitan Police said it has launched an investigation into allegations of “non-recent” sexual offenses in the United Kingdom, after a joint investigation by British media outlets revealed the comedian Russell Brand was accused of rape and sexual assault.


Nice touch for Mom and Dad. Parents Fly Business Class For First Time After Daughter’s Surprise Upgrade.

Ketchup chips, meet Ketchup Cake. Canada’s Ketchup Cake Is A Juicy Red Velvet Lookalike. In the U.S. when you might assume a crimson cake with white icing is of the red velvet variety. In Canada, a cake with those colors may contain ketchup.



Reply to @catherinemariec sorry for the delay in days 😅 so surprised by @Heinz Canada ketchup cake! #isthegrubgood #food #canadian #pei #ketchupcake #foodie #yummy @jenniferoakley

♬ Tropical Beach(812641) – TimTaj

Not a good idea. A Photographer has gone viral for calling up clients to pay outstanding invoices.


Taylor Swift picks up the tab, then has everyone LEAVE. Taylor reportedly pays all restaurant-goers’ checks to clear out restaurant for her and NFL star Travis Kelce.


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