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Law & Order TGS-More TnT-Squid Game for Real-Towns 4 Sale

Law & Order TGS-More TnT-Squid Game for Real-Towns 4 Sale

Headlines Sept 27:

For the only time in this provincial election campaign, all 3 major party leaders faced off against each other in Brandon in front of almost 400 people during an early morning debate hosted by the Chamber of Commerce. All 3 pledged to support new agriculture education facility in Brandon.

-A 25yr old who had too much to drink was forced to stay at Brandon police headquarters Monday night after climbing a crane at a construction site; 500 block of Dennis St. Police convinced her to climb down safely, and she was lodged at police headquarters until sober.

-MB’s police watchdog investigating after man’s arm broken during Brandon police chase. In a video shared widely on social media this week, BPS chased a man Sunday for an alleged attempted arson, where the chase “resulted in a police car colliding with the man in front of police headquarters.”

-A MB man found with a combination of drugs and guns will go to jail for 6 years.

-Comedian Rob Schneider said he’s cancelled an upcoming visit to Canada after a parliamentary tribute last week honoured a Ukrainian man who fought for Nazi Germany.

-Absolutely FALSE’: Canada PMO dismisses former Indian diplomat’s allegations that Justin Trudeau’s plane to India was ‘full of cocaine’. Indian media are flooding the information landscape with “troubling” comments from a former Indian diplomat, who says there was a “credible rumour” that Indian sniffer dogs discovered cocaine from Justin Trudeau’s plane during his recent G20 meeting in New Delhi.


– Wheat Kings host PA tonight 7pm.

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CAUTION: Video shows car hitting a man being chased by police. We chose not to chose not to show that part of the video on the show today, but in this CBC article you can see a man trying to outrun police, and it appears accidentally being hit by one of the chasing vehicles. Internal Investigations Unit, Manitoba’s police watchdog, is investigating how this man’s arm was broken during the chase. Again, we caution the video is graphic and may be disturbing.


Still with law and order, the conversation never stops regarding self checkouts! Sept 24 police got a call of a woman scanning low value items, while putting higher value items into her bag at the self-check at a Brandon store. Security footage appeared to show it again Sept 12 & 18, so police arrested the 32yr old female at her home and was released to appear in court Nov 20 on charges of fraud under $5K x3. But people are torn. They’re desperate. And there is a real hate on for many businesses who shoppers feel, are taking advantage of them. This leaves many feeling theft is justified. Theft is a crime and we have to remember there are many small businesses owned by members of OUR community, that are hurt by acts like this.

Target says it will close nine stores in major US cities, because of violence and theft.



Stealing at Self Checkout? Think Twice! #lawyer

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It’s DAY ONE OF HOSTFEST in MINOT! Here’s everything you need to know if you’re making the trip south this weekend!

More Taylor and more Travis. I call them TnT. Here Are All The Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce Dating Memes You Need To See. Today’s talk of the town is a new power couple that could result in betting lines being shifted. Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce Chaos Becomes Marketing Tool for Kansas City Businesses. This is complete chaos. Taylor is a walking economy!




Is this real? What do you think of the guy who discovered a “Sketchy” plastic bag filled with money?


Lunch hack or common sense? Salad jars are the meal-prep hack for total freshness. Just make sure you have the right layering process!


Meal prep lunch with me for the week! This recipes makes 3 (32oz) jars, 8 (12oz) jars, or 6 (16oz) jars, to each jar add: -1 1/2 tbsp olive oil -2 tbsp lemon juice -salt + pepper -1 cup cucumbers -3/4 cup tomatoes -1/2 cup red onions -1 cup roasted chickpeas -1 1/3 cups quinoa -3 tbsp hemp seeds for added protein (optional) -1/3 cup lettuce of choice Cover and refrigerate up to 5 days, I like to add some hummus on top when I’m ready to eat it😍 How to: Chickpeas: preheat oven to 425F, rinse and drain chickpeas, toss in olive oil and seasoning of choice, roast for 15-20min or until crispy. Quinoa: cook according to the directions on the packet. Have you tried salad jars before?👇🏻 Recipe inspo: @cookingforpeanuts #easyhealthyrecipes #easyhealthymeals #easyhealthyfood #saladjar #veganrecipes #veganrecipe #healthyrecipes #healthyrecipe #mealprep #mealprepideas #mealprepping #saladrecipes #easyrecipesathome #easylunch #easylunchideas #saladinspo

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I’ve waited my life for this! Exercise in a PILL! SIGN ME UP! A new drug tricks the body into losing weight. Exercise-mimicking drug aids weight loss. Could reaching your ideal weight be as easy as popping a pill?


If you WIN that massive 6-49, you can BUY A TOWN! Here are 15 small American towns that you can buy (Yes, Really!) Make yourself KING or QUEEN of (town name you choose.)


Holy cow. You knew this was coming. After Netflix’s Monster Hit Squid Game you knew they would try and mimic the show (minus the DEATH of course). With a $4.5M Prize, ‘Squid Game: The Challenge,’ released it’s first teaser, and it looks wild. Coming in November.

A By-Election to select two candidates for SCHOOL BOARD TRUSTEE – Wards 1 (one position) and 2 (one position) will be held Wednesday, October 25, 2023. School boards are NOT SUPPOSED to be a place for drama, but it’s certainly turned out that way. HAVE YOUR SAY October 25th!
Read more: https://bit.ly/3sRIGEA

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