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Coffee Day-Minimum Wage JUMP-Is New Pepsi Drink Gross

Coffee Day-Minimum Wage JUMP-Is New Pepsi Drink Gross

Headlines Sept 29:

National Truth & Reconciliation Day, otherwise known as Orange Shirt Day is Saturday & MB is holding events to mark the day. Tonight, the Blue Bombers& Argos will both wear Orange Jersey’s for pregame warm-ups, then auction them off with proceeds to Wpg Aboriginal Sport Achievement.

-The MB Government announced on March 22, 2023 that due to high inflation, the minimum wage rate will increase from $14.15 to $15.30 effective October 1, 2023. That is Sunday.

-VP of MB Ag producer association says harvest on track & near completion with 3/4 of all crops now harvested.

-Man arrested after indecent act at a school in Glenlawn area this week: WPS.

-Brandon has lost a curling legend and important member of the business community. Lois Fowler passed away Thursday at 68. The wife, mother, grandmother, curling champ and realtor fought a battle with ovarian cancer diagnosed in 2017.

-WPS homicide unit is investigating after a woman was found dead in the Daniel McIntyre neighbourhood Thursday morning.

-WPS say a 6yr old boy was close to going underwater in the Red River Tuesday near Oakenwald Ave. Police said an extensive search for a missing child just started near the riverbank, as the boy had “a known attraction to water.” A patrol officer entered the water & rescued the child who was safely returned to his caregivers.

-3,600 unionized workers at Manitoba’s Real Canadian Superstore, No Frills and Extra Foods reached a tentative new contract with Loblaw Thursday. No details have been released.

-Wheat Kings in Moose Jaw tonight and at home to Swift Current Saturday.

This weekend we honor National Truth and Reconciliation in Canada. On this day, we pause, reflect, and remember the Indigenous children who were taken from their families and sent to residential schools. Every child matters, past and present. Let’s learn, grow, and build a future where understanding and respect lead the way.

IT’s COFFEE DAY! Happy Coffee Day!

Celebrating the drink made from the roasted and ground beans of the coffee plant. Coffee beans originated in Ethiopia, and arabica beans are the main species, which now are grown throughout the “coffee belt”. How was how and when was the drink was first brewed? One story claims that a 6th century goatherd from Kaffa named Kaldi saw that his goats were more lively after eating coffee beans. A monk named Mullah apparently noticed this and brewed the beverage and spread word of it around the region. Another story from the 15th century claims that a 9th century mufti—a Muslim legal expert—of Aden was the first to make the drink, and it became popular in Middle Eastern courts afterwards. Coffee was brought to Italy by 1615, and to France by 1644. The first coffee house opened in London in 1688. Here’s some more amazing facts about COFFEE!


A Woman Shared A Video To Show That Walmarts Look Very Different In Wealthy Neighborhoods. Are all Walmarts created equal… A woman shared a series of videos on TikTok highlighting a pretty fancy Walmart Neighborhood Market store in Rogers, Arkansas.

Hot Sauce in your cola? Have you heard? Pepsi is promoting a new drink combination on social media that calls for adding some Buffalo sauce to your iced soda this football season.


Why Do We Care What Anyone Wears? The Hidden Meaning Behind Dress Codes. Fetterman dress code
“Lots of old school power is tied up within these codes, especially those prescribed norms reflecting economic class, race, stereotypes and gender expectations.”


UFO Netflix DOCUMENTAY ALERT! Steven Spielberg-produced UFO doc has more than 300 witnesses for mile-long spaceship! “Encounters,” now streaming has an eye-popping number of witnesses to one of the UFO incidents. For five months after October 2007, more than 300 locals near Stephenville, Texas, reported seeing a large “delta shaped” UFO. I believe Steven knows the big reveal is coming and I can’t wait to see this!

Taylor Swift even BOOSTED the sales of RANCH! What Is ‘Seemingly Ranch’? Thanks to Taylor Swift, It’s Everywhere! After a photo of the pop superstar at an N.F.L. game last weekend went viral, snack and condiment companies raced to capitalize.


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