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Device School Ban-Camping is Healthy-Local Gameshow Player

Device School Ban-Camping is Healthy-Local Gameshow Player

Headlines Oct 2:

5 people are dead after being ejected from an SUV in western MB Saturday evening on Hwy 83 near Swan River. The vehicle crashed & rolled into a field, with 2 women & 3 men, ranging in age from 25 to 42, not wearing seatbelts, pronounced dead at the scene.

-Brandon mourns the loss of popular restaurateur-Ben Hernandez, the owner of Benny’s Restaurant and Catering Services unexpectedly passed away Friday morning at the age of 61.

-MB voters balance ‘hard time believing politicians’ with desire to cast a ballot in tomorrow’s election.

-MB minimum wage is now $15.30, up from $14.25, but more support needed advocates say, while commerce leader says this will pinch some employers.

-The Canadian comedy duo of Kenny & Spenny visited Brandon for a show Friday evening to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their reality show.

-Blue Bombers rally to beat visiting Argonauts 31-21. Wheat Kings lost to Moose Jaw 5-2 Fri, beat Swift Current 6-3 Sat. Next game Wed vs Swift Current. Jays made the MLB playoffs and the wildcard will go against the Twins.

CONTEST ALERT! Starting Wednesday we play HOT WHEELS FOR WINTER TIRES WHEEL WEDNESDAY! Simply tag a friend in our post featuring the famous TV/Movie car and remember what show each week’s car came from. Then Friday November 3 one lucky winner will get a $900 Gift Card to be used for Winter Tires from Murray Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMC Certified Service Express. So get ready to play starting THIS WEDNESDAY!

THANKS for all the Birthday Greetings and Warm Wishes for my 50th. My family surprised me with quite the weekend, that was capped off with lots of swimming, margaritas and Mexican food. 🙂

DEVELOPING STORY: UK to BAN CELLPHONES IN ALL SCHOOLS! We’re talking breaks and spare time and ON THE SCHOO PROPERTY period. How are they going to do this? A monumental task of putting the toothpaste back in the tube here. Education minister Gillian Keegan will order schools to outlaw smartphones during lessons, and also in breaks, in a bid to end disruption and make it easier for pupils to focus.


Tik ToK Hack of the Day! Struggling with Condiments? A Woman Shares Hack For Getting That Last Bit Of Ketchup Out Of Any Bottle.


or could always just buy a new bottle but 🤷‍♀️ #ketchup #heinz #lifehack

♬ original sound – Casey Rieger

This will change the way you COSTCO, especially when it comes to samples. Apparently, Costco’s Free Samples Are All-You-Can-Eat. While etiquette may keep you from taking multiple samples, it’s technically not against the rules.


Setup and teardown still Stresses me out, but for most people, camping is GOOD FOR YOU! Happy campers: People who vacation in nature benefit mentally and emotionally.


Taylor Swift now has a Football Entourage. Wanting to join the red hot limelight enjoyed my the Taylor and Travis relationship fire, Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman and Blake Lively join taylor at the Chiefs Game Against New York Jets.


Know a LOUD TALKER?? SOMEONE WHO TALKS WAY LOUDER THAN EVERYONE ELSE?!?! We have a product for you! Shiftall’s ‘mutalk’ isolates the wearer’s voice by -20 decibels or more, so the person sitting next to the wearer can’t hear what is being said.

‘We all spent 45 minutes discussing a crockpot.’ This Is How People 30 And Over Are Partying Differently These Days. I don’t believe it.

And SUNSEEKER Quientin Derhak is going to be on Battle of the Generations, a gameshow on CTV Tuesday night! Today we guessed how much we think he’s going to win, and we hope it’s the Grand Prize of $25K!!!

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