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Best Concert Venue Ever-Internet Addiction Spectrum-MB Votes

Best Concert Venue Ever-Internet Addiction Spectrum-MB Votes

Headlines Oct 3:

MB VOTES TODAY to elect or re-elect a party to form government for the next 4 years. Progressive Conservative Party led by Heather Stefanson; New Democrats led by Wab Kinew; MB Liberal Party headed by Dougald Lamont, will compete to be the next Premier of MB.

-Kindergarten to Grade 12 students will not be in class for election day, as a new law kicks in for the first time. Bill 27 requires schools to have an in-service day on the day of a fixed-date general election.

-Cleanup continues in the Rossburn-Oakburn area as ping pong ball-sized hail caused damage to vehicles & property Sunday night.

-RCMP are asking the public’s help looking for a Selkirk woman who hasn’t spoken to family since August. Sanije Elizabeth Sefa, 30, was last seen at a home in the community, and is believed to be in Wpg.

-No need to freeze at the rink? Keystone Centre partners with HomeTeam Live to provide Live Streaming Services in Westoba Place, Flynn Arena, and Enns Brothers Arena, allowing fans to watch the action from home, or any of their smart devices.

-India tells Canada it must repatriate 41 diplomats by Oct. 10.

-Elvis Stojko will bring a star-studded cast of skaters to perform a Holiday show Dec 17 at the Keystone Centre. Tickets for Stars on Ice “Holiday” go on sale Thursday.

It’s election day! Polls opened at 8:00 am and will stay open until 8:00pm tonight. Voting is easy. Here’s how simple it is:

1. Check the candidates in your area

2. Find out where to vote

3. Make sure you have everything you need to vote…

HERE is a LINK TO ELECTIONS MANITOBA and PLACES TO VOTE: (make sure to take ID with you!)


Where do YOU fall in the new internet addiction spectrum? A study out of the UK’s University of Surrey suggests a scale for people researchers consider to be addicted to the internet. The research published Monday looks at what experts qualify as an addiction, splitting users into five categories for how internet-addicted they are. Almost 800 participants were involved in the study and were determined to fall into five groups of internet users:

-initial users; and
-casual users.

Here’s more on the study and how you can TRACK YOUR USEAGE:


And RIGHT AFTER the Election is Battle of the Generations. And Sunseeker Quentin is going to be on the show! Here’s who he is up against! I like his chances!!!!

Disney sued over massive wedgie. A guest sliding down the Humunga Kowabunga waterslide at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon waterpark has filed suit after suffering a wedgie so powerful she was hospitalized.

The Orange Man likes his MCD’s. Even if he’s in court. Donald Trump gets McDonald’s delivered to court during civil fraud trial.


Passenger Throws $6,000 On The Tarmac After Refusing To Pay For Upgrade. What’s worse is the Saturday flight from London Heathrow to Bangkok was diverted to Vienna and passengers had an 11 hour delay because of these two!

Wendy’s and McDonald’s defeat a lawsuit over their burger marketing. A judge dismissed a lawsuit alleging that the two burger chains misled customers on the sizes of their burgers. There was no contract implied and no injury suffered because of the advertising.


YOUR PHONE HOT? Apple blames Instagram for overheating iPhones. iPhone 15 is getting a serious amount of overheating complaints. ‘Heatgate’ issue causes devices to become ‘too hot to touch’.


Whatever privacy we once had will soon be 100% gone. Everything, everywhere is about to be live streamed thanks to these new glasses from Facebook. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the redesigned Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses that “frees users from holding cameras”. The announcement was part of Meta Platforms’ reveal of artificial intelligence or AI products for consumers, showcased at the Meta Connect event at the company’s Menlo Park headquarters.

WINNIPEG TO SUN DESTINATIONS are ON SALE! A link to some hot sales for fall! From Orlando to Palm Springs to the Caribbean. Here’s the links for cheap seats as the weather gets colder!


Some are calling this the most INCREDIBLE Concert Venue EVER! The Sphere at the Venetian Resort is now open to the public in Las Vegas, Nevada and U2 opened the venue with an incredible show captured on VIDEO! Regardless if you like gambling or casinos or Vegas at all, the town is turning into an experience destination, transforming from it’s gambling roots. And this incredible concert venue proves it. People from all over the world will soon come to Vegas to see their favorite acts perform here.



The Sphere showed off The Exosphere, the largest LED screen in the world. The new Vegas landmark stands 366 ft tall and 516 ft across, making it the largest spherical structure in the world. 🤯@Sphere vegas spherevegas lasvegastiktok thingstodoinvegas

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