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Minor Hockey Changes-Boyardee Debate-Foods that Last Forever

Minor Hockey Changes-Boyardee Debate-Foods that Last Forever

Headlines Oct 5: MB’s election had similar voter turnout as previous years. Elections MB says 55%, the same as turnout from 2019. Storms and firewall issues caused MB election day delays.

-Another investigation is underway by the IIUS into an injury of a man shot by BPS with a beanbag gun Saturday in the 800 block of Frederick.

-MPI expands its contingency plans to ensure “continuity of services” as the 6 week labour disruption continues. Plans include increased estimating capacity and expanded driver testing options.

-BPS conducting a “pedestrian check” in the 700 block of 10th and found a 35yr old man in possession of a stolen mountain bike and wearing body armour, which is illegal.

-The Fort Gibraltar walkway in Wpg that collapsed, injuring students on a field trip, will be torn down, organization president says.

-Canadians are under tremendous stress due to inflation, interest rates, & cost of living creating an “intensifying financial stress storm,” according to a survey by the National Payroll Institute of 1,500 working Canadians. The number who considered themselves financially stressed has jumped by 20 per cent in the past year to 37 per cent overall.

-Wheat Kings drop Swift Current 6-2. Next game Saturday when they host Calgary.

It’s early in the minor hockey season, but a few players and parents are confused about a new changeroom policy from Hockey Canada. And some are just down right upset. This season, all minor hockey players are being encouraged to wear the base layer they wear under their equipment to the arena. If they don’t do that, they will have to change into their base layer inside a closed washroom stall at the rink, in an effort to promote inclusion and to respect the privacy of all participants on a team. And the responsibility falls to coaches and team staff to instruct players and families to ensure compliance. More on the story below:


THANKS Alexis Meyer, Executive Director of the 2023 Hostfest in Minot for coming on the show. THE FESTIVAL is back with big numbers and Canadians crossing that border again now that COVID is OVER. Thanks for another great festival of entertainment, food and MUSIC! And can’t wait for 2024!


Baggage fees could be erased in Europe—Will Canada and the U.S. Follow Suit?


Flight Attendant Kicks Entitled Drunk Couple Off Plane. Boys and girls, make sure you limit the cocktails before boarding. And even if you have one or two, don’t do cartwheels down the jetway. That’s a dead giveaway!


SNL is coming back now that the Writer’s Strike is over! ‘Saturday Night Live’ Sets Return on NBC, Pete Davidson to Host Season 49 Premiere.


The Drew Barrymore Show’s head writers decline to return after star’s strike controversy. She faced heavy criticism for attempting to revive her talk show when the strike was still on.


McRib returning to McDonald’s. Why McDonald’s is bringing back its McRib for the umpteenth time and why is Canada left out?


KEEP THIS FOR THE ARMAGEDDON. Your end of the world food list. Here are 26 foods that experts say will last forever in your pantry!


Why do you have to get naked to fight? Drunk Passenger Tears Off His Shirt and Looks to Fight on Tokyo-Bound United Flight.

Is It Better To Microwave Chef Boyardee Or Cook It On The Stove? I think neither. Straight out of the can baby! Although the two heating methods produce identical results when it comes to taste, the stovetop version apparently allows a few opportunities to upgrade your Chef Boyardee.


Look RICH for your Guests while on a budget! Jell-O lasagna is a perfectly layered dessert, it’s cheap and it looks good!


KFC is no longer #1 for Chicken! Popeyes overtakes KFC as No. 2 chicken chain, but Chick-fil-A stays on top. Both Popeyes and KFC have lost market share to Chick-fil-A over the last year, according to Barclays research.



Toronto’s second Chick-Fil-A is now open at Yorkdale 🍗 #toronto #tiktokfood #foodie #friedchicken #chickfila #lineup #wait #fyp #foryou #4u

♬ FML – Arizona Zervas

Chik-fil-a vs Burger King. What is the deal with this? An hour long line on one side and ZERO line at the other. How is this even possible? Upstate NY @Chick-fil-A @Burger King #burgerking #chickfila

♬ original sound – rahav segev

CAUTION: WILL MAKE YOUR STOMACH TURN! 37 Bizarre Food Pictures posted NOT for the faint of heart.


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