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Tight Pants Tuesday-Leftover Olympics-Holiday Shopping Alert

Tight Pants Tuesday-Leftover Olympics-Holiday Shopping Alert

Headlines Oct 10:

Manitoba’s Palestinian, Jewish communities hope for peace as Israel declares war in response to Hamas attack. Global Affairs looking into reports 1 Canadian has died, 2 missing as toll total passes 1K fatalities.

-A Jewish humanitarian from Winnipeg may be one of the hostages taken by Hamas. Yonatan Zeigen says he hasn’t heard from his mother, Vivian, since Hamas militants launched attacks in Israel.

-Manitobans may face yet another strike after the province’s unionized civil service workers voted to reject the outgoing government’s latest contract offer in favour of a strike mandate.

-With ER services in Melita suspended, and other rural ERs closed, people are driving to Virden, pushing staff to their limit.

-Daly House Museum to offer guided tours with “Daly After Dark,” which takes people through the 141-year-old home — in the dark and will have people on each floor to help guide you.

-The historic McKenzie Seeds building in Brandon will be converted into an ag farm to produce fresh vegetables and spices, creating 37 full-time jobs, and between 25 to 80 part-time jobs.

-NEW pet clothing store is setting up shop in the Shoppers Mall. Milo’s Closet (Pet Fashions) opens Oct 25, and will be a temporary location.

Reports of people from across Manitoba, including Brandon, stuck in Israel after a terrorist attack and war was declared over the weekend. Air Canada has suspended flights to Tel Aviv and the consulate is working with officials and citizens in Israel to locate Canadians, ensure safety and attempt to have them evacuated. At this time the Government of Canada advises against ANY travel to the region.


TIGHT PANTS Tuesday! What to do with those leftovers?!?!?! We held the “leftover Olympics” and the top 3 left over recipes were: BRONZE MEDAL: Turkey grilled cheese in the air fryer from Cindy Olinyk, the Silver Medal: Kyria Shukin and the Moistmaker Turkey Sandwich and the GOLD MEDAL went to Andrea Epp for the “Thanksgiving Leftover Lasagna” of layering the leftovers and then bake them like a shepherd pie. Turkey on the bottom, then veggies, pour gravy over, then stuffing, then potatoes. Honorable Mention: Barb Lamothe Osiowy for the Turkey Pockets!

Move over Barbie and Ken. Halloween’s new it couple’s costume needs a microphone and football. Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce’s couples Halloween costumes has SOLD OUT. Folks who wanna be Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce can play make-believe on Halloween — and it’s a lock that lots of people will do just that, much to the joy of one costume shop raking in the dough.


Still with Taylor and Travis, she was a no show in Minneapolis, but Michelle made it AND TOOK ME! VIRTUALLY! THANKS Michelle! Apparently Taylor Swift Skipped Travis Kelce’s Game After Cheering For Him 2 Weeks in a Row and wasn’t there to see Kelce suffer an injury.


THANKS for taking me to the game Michelle!!!

Early Sales Could Ignite Jump on Holiday Shopping for Many. About one in four U.S. holiday shoppers would definitely or probably start their holiday shopping earlier if retailers started their holiday sales earlier.


Best Dog Halloween Costumes: Top 5 Doggie Disguises Most Recommended By Experts. Although I’m not sure any dog REALLY likes being dressed up for the holiday.


Best Halloween Couple Costumes: Top 5 Matching Looks, According To Experts. Halloween isn’t just a time for children and dogs, but adults too, and with Halloween right around the corner, couples will start to plan what they want to dress up as while either taking their children trick-or-treating or going to a party.


Caring For Pets More Stressful Than Being A Parent? Apparently taking care of your pet is more stressful than managing a romantic relationship or being a parent, a new survey of 2,000 pet owners suggests.


Is this a Tik Tok Hack or just stealing? A Person Shared A Hack For Getting Unlimited Popcorn Butter At Movie Theaters And People Love it. A Tik Toker named Britt shared a video showing viewers a hack for getting unlimited popcorn butter at the movies, but it does involve bringing your own bottle to the theatre.

Man Reports First Date to Police After She Refuses to Split the Bill. Police are currently on the lookout for a young girl who reportedly stormed out of a restaurant, leaving her date to foot the bill after he asked her to split it evenly. So much for “dutch”.

Food is just another name for LOVE. Homemade meals and pizza top the list of romantic gestures as 7 in 10 people have pretended to enjoy food or a meal they didn’t like to avoid hurting someone’s feelings. A survey of 2,000 adults also says food is the top way to show someone you care, especially if you make it yourself. And home made pizza tops the list.


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