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Toys from the 80’s & 90’s-Bugs on Pizza-Miracle Lettuce Water

Toys from the 80’s & 90’s-Bugs on Pizza-Miracle Lettuce Water

Headlines Oct 11: ‘Love. That’s why he lived’: Brandon mourns teenager killed in bike-vehicle crash with a walk & sacred fire on Sunday. Antoine Sutherland died tragically riding his bike home from school.

-MPI annual Public Utilities Board hearing; no overall revenue or rate change for the basic insurance program in the upcoming 2024/25 insurance year.

-A Calgary man who was stopped outside of Brandon & found with thousands of dollars in fentanyl sentenced to 6 years Monday.

-A 15yr old male charged with selling a weapon police allege was used in a shooting this summer that killed another 15-year-old boy in Wpg.

-Supporters on both sides of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict gathered in downtown Wpg to make their voices heard. The Winnipeg Police Service was also on scene with 11 officers to monitor the peaceful rally.

-NHL issues updated theme night guidance, includes a ban on players using Pride tape on the ice & all on ice themed jerseys to be discontinued.

-Wheat Kings start a west coast trip tonight against Lethbridge.

The NHL announced in June that teams would no longer be permitted to wear specialty jerseys as a part of theme nights. The league doubled down and informed teams last week they will also no longer be permitted to use rainbow stick tape. A memo to all 32 teams outlines the rules players must abide by for theme nights. It included a ban on Pride Tape for sticks and reaffirmed that specialty sweaters for themed nights, including Pride, Hockey Fights Cancer or military appreciation celebrations, will not be permitted on the ice, before during or after a game.

Campfire replacement for SMORES: Your Air Fryer!!! Pop Some Marshmallows In The Air Fryer To Savor S’mores All Year Round!


‘Seinfeld’ Reunion? Jerry Seinfeld Says ‘Something Is Going to Happen’ Related to Sitcom’s Divisive Finale. Seinfeld hints at possible reunion, so is the show making a comeback? With so much garbage happening in the world right now, we could sure use Jerry!


Move over Nyquil or Melatonin, and pass the Lettuce? Apparently Tik Tok says drinking lettuce water helps you to Fall Asleep Faster? People Say It Works!


A sausage-and-bacon pizza topped with a loaded handgun gets four people arrested. But a handgun on pizza is no the most bizzare topping out there. In fact we found a list that is quite bizarre when it comes to pizza.


Average Person takes this many photos a day. You probably whip out your phone to take a photo six times each day. But what are they taking pictures of the most, and how many have intentions of not just sharing them on socials, but actually getting them developed?


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