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Friday 13th-Pumpkin Pizza Bombs-Taylor Concert Movie Rules

Friday 13th-Pumpkin Pizza Bombs-Taylor Concert Movie Rules

Headlines Oct 13: Security worries mount in Canada as ex-Hamas chief calls for day of protests. Law enforcement in cities across the country on alert; security agencies around the world also at a heightened state of readiness.

-Early morning fire broke out at Progressive Westman Friday, with emergency crews working through most of the morning. Emergency services is expected to issue a release with more info Friday.

-MB RCMP & U.S. Border Patrol warn human smuggling cases have spiked; 237 people have been apprehended so far this year, 250% increase from 2022.

-More people come forward with accusations after RCMP release the name of a man charged with sexual assault while posing as a registered massage therapist.

-Retirement news may end Brandon’s Santa Parade if volunteers can’t be found, as organizer announces retirement after 25yrs. This year’s parade set for Nov 18th.

-MB to get partial view of solar eclipse Saturday morning around 10:30 a.m. It’s an annular eclipse rather than a total eclipse meaning the moon won’t quite fully block out the sun.

-Jet’s drop season opener in Calgary 5-3. Wheat Kings In Tri-City tonight.


(How much of the Sun with be covered Saturday: INSTANTWEATHER)

SCARY AS HELL! Wow. This company makes some INCREDIBLE masks and actually has some incredible costume props too! It’s called “The Boogeyman” studios and the masks they sell might give you NIGHTMARES. But the cost is not bad if you consider a $150-$200 investment to SCARE THE HELL out of somebody, money well spent.


Happy Friday the 13th! We have 13 ways to improve your luck (most of them involve some pretty superstitious stuff) but can you ever be TOO lucky?

TAYLOR SWIFT is coming to theatres! And by now you know it is NOT a movie, but rather the concert experience. This could be a ground breaking move for struggling theatres. How will this work, when normally you DON’T want people making noise and standing in your view? Here’s the rules:


‼️ AMC CONFIRMED IT! Can we sing & dance at the eras tour concert film? IT’S OFFICIAL! The “Taylor Swift Movie” is actually the Taylor Swift Concert Film and I’m EXCITED ABOUT IT 💛 #erastourconcertfilm #erastourmovie #theerastourmovie #swifttok #swiftie #theerastourconcertfilm #swifties #greenscreen

♬ original sound – The Folklore Theorist

Tim Horton’s and Baileys my dreams have come TRUE. Not so fast cowboy. This will be a NON-ALCOHOLIC version of Baileys. Why do I think after the first sip, this product is going to send me directly to the LC?


SNL is back! Hooray! And Pete Davidson is hosting!

GAME TIME! Can you identify the SCARY MOVIE based on one pic?


Move over Will Farrell, another SNL Alumni Christmas classic in the making perhaps? Eddie Murphy And Tracee Ellis Ross Star In The First Teaser Of Christmas Comedy Flick ‘Candy Cane Lane’

TikTok’s Pizza Bomb Pumpkins: An Appetizer Worth Falling In Love With. Perfect for Halloween parties (or any autumn-themed event), pumpkin-shaped pizza bombs are the savory snack that your guests will scream for.

GOLD HIEST LAWSUIT. Toronto airport gold heist lawsuit. Air Canada is facing a major lawsuit over a gold heist that happened earlier this year, as the airline is being accused of acting recklessly.

A Woman Shared Her Hack For Making Hot Dogs At Home That Taste Like Ones At The Ballpark. Hot dog lovers, this one is for you!


The secret to ballpark hotdogs are the steamed buns #fyp #sahm #brokemom

♬ original sound – Sam

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