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Small Biz Week-Stores we Miss-Britney-Ghosts caught on Cam

Small Biz Week-Stores we Miss-Britney-Ghosts caught on Cam

Headlines Oct 18: Police anticipate charges against the 24yr old driver in connection with the death of the 15-year boy struck by a vehicle while riding his bike at Victoria & McDiarmid last week. While the driver remained at the scene & has been cooperative with police, investigators continue gathering evidence, including video of the incident from a business in the area; and witnesses.

-Candidates’ forum with BSD Trustee Candidates running for school board go tonight at 7 pm, BU Evans Theatre. For 2 positions currently vacant, a by-election goes Wed Oct 25.

-MB premier designate Wab Kinew names cabinet today as he is sworn in as Manitoba’s 25th premier.

-Man who died in Winnipeg police custody Sunday had trouble breathing during arrest: watchdog.

-Drive-by shootings target pedestrians in central Wpg, leave 1 hurt.

-Judge finds MB man not responsible for killing parents, attacking hospital worker; was in psychosis at the time of attacks. A mental health review board will determine if he can be released.

-Wpg man gets 12 years for child sex abuse at home daycare that left families living ‘worst nightmares’.

-Kings beat Jets 5-1, Seattle beat Brandon 6-4.

HAPPY SMALL BUSINESS WEEK! Today we did Small Biz Shout outs from across Southern Manitoba! Supporting small businesses is vital! Small businesses foster the local economy by creating jobs, stimulating competition, and enhancing our community character. They often prioritize personalized customer service, innovation, and unique products or services, contributing to a diverse marketplace. Supporting them can lead to stronger community bonds and economic resilience, reducing dependence on large corporations. Small businesses are also more environmentally sustainable, as they typically have lower carbon footprints. By choosing small businesses, you help sustain entrepreneurship, reduce income inequality, and ensure a healthier, more vibrant local economy, ultimately benefiting both communities and individuals. We love small business, especially those that are partners each and every day on the Tyler Glen show. Places like “The Backyard on Aberdeen” and Aida’s Catering and Auto Fashion. But that’s not all! There are so many great small businesses to celebrate!

JOIN THE SHOUT OUT LIST ON FACEBOOK!!!! Just follow this link: https://www.facebook.com/tyler.glen

Wish you were STILL HERE! And we also talked about some of our favorite places that don’t operate anymore!

Sooo Who do we miss? Tanya Sobry Smart-SAAN store–Linda Horvath Johnson- KMart. Alessios–Cody Allan Dixon-I so miss bananzas–Richard Evanyshyn-Kokonas Restaurant & Lounge, I remember going there with my parents!–Bonnie Dalkeith-Woolworth, Kresges, The Metropolitan–Sheryl Warkentin Bartram-All the great shopping at the gallery–Tamara Barron-Zich-Tequila Willies!–Paul Croft–I miss the Zellar’s restaurant. Such terrible greasy food but tasted so good. 🤣🤣🤣–Shaun Oakley-Long John silvers–Michael Melnyk-Venice House–Val Rodgers-Velvet Rail, Stan’s IGA, Sally’s Bakery, Wheelies 🛼–Barbara LeLay-Gullivars–Justin Decroliere-Bonanza–Chelsey Lee Aileen-Kim’s Chinese Food–Joni Lynn-Uncle Willys–Karen Olmstead-Sevigny-Gulliver and uncle Willy’s–Leanne Cooke-Bonanza–Will Ironwill Rudolph-Occ’s–Lauren Deg-The red valvet . Burger ranch . Harry’s Ukraine kitchen .tequila wheels . 10th street bowling alley, the strand theatre.–Rick O’Donnell-For me it’s Eatons, The Met…both had restaurants…and McLeods hardware store.–Alan Morden-Thunder mountain waterslides–Stacey Moorehead-Tequila Willies. Lori Noonan-Consumers, Army & Navy catalogs, Eatons and Sears catalogs. Alex’s Cafe, Erickson Creamery, 2 malls in Brandon. Johnson’s hardware, Solo stores, Joe’s Barber shop, Shellborn Enterprises. Laura Mallette-Aunt Sarah’s and Cornerstone. Mann Gadsby-Barnacles. Had so much fun there playing pool. Alisha Smith-Five Guys!

Britney Bombshell. Her news as we await her memoir BLEW UP THE INTERNET yesterday. Britney Spears’ bombshell abortion revelation has rallied both pro-life and pro-choice groups to come to her defense — but for completely different reasons. And the tide of poularity has turned against one of the most loved starts of the 2000’s.


So how did Taylor meet the football player? Erin Andrews. In fact she wants to ‘Officiate’ Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s Wedding because she’s taking “credit” for setting up everyone’s favorite new couple. Andrews, 45, appeared on the Monday, October 16, episode of Late Night With Seth Meyers and joked about getting the ball rolling for Kelce, 34, on her “Calm Down” podcast back in August. “Travis was very open about not getting to meet her.” She made it happen.


I like the “Dad” in this saga best! Introducing Papa Kelce: Meet Travis and Jason’s Dad Ed! Papa Kelce keeps things low-key as he supports his sons as they dominate the NFL. After being drafted in 2011 and 2013, respectively, Jason and Travis made history as the first set of brothers to play in the league, and of course one of this sons is dating one of the most famous people EVER.


18 Paranormal Pics That Might Prove We’re Not Alone. Do you believe in ghosts? Based on what’s in these photos, maybe you should.


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