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3D Dining in MB-Breaking Bad Star Visits-Salt CRUSTED Steak

3D Dining in MB-Breaking Bad Star Visits-Salt CRUSTED Steak

Headlines Oct 19: Manitoba’s new premier & his 15 member cabinet have been sworn in, and include Dauphin’s Ron Kostyshyn: minister of agriculture & Brandon East’s Glen Simard: minister of sport, culture, heritage & tourism, francophone affairs & MLCC.

-BU hosted candidates vying for 2 vacant BSD trustee spots at Evans Theatre Wed evening. Topics included the recent book ban attempt, support staff challenges, budget issues & education quality.

-Man from Gilbert Plains arrested after $375K in stolen items were found on his property. 25yr old suspect charged, after officers discovered heavy machinery, trucks, off-road vehicles, trailers and snowmobiles.

-RCMP have arrested and charged a teen in connection with a violent assault at a school in Portage Tuesday.

-3 people attacked by machete-wielding teens in Portage; 2 two teens arrested Sunday. The attacks sent 2 to hospital with serious but not life-threatening injuries.

-Saskatoon band The Sheepdogs to play Brandon’s WMCA Jan 23.

-LA Kings embarrass Jets 5-1 in front of 4,000 empty seats in Winnipeg. Wheat Kings get thumped by Portland 11-1.

3D Dining has come to Manitoba, and is currently available at the Fairmont in Winnipeg. Le Petit Chef is an immersive, visual dining experience, in which an animated chef cooks your meals on your plate. Le Petit Chef is simply 3D projection from above those seated in the restaurant, however the tiny chef, often times comically, makes your meal (or burns it in a funny way) as part of a show, that ends with waitstaff putting that exact meal in front of you afterwards. It’s has been shown in in several tv-shows over the world and has entertained many famous guests, among which Hugh Jackman. The concept has been installed in over 50 restaurants worldwide, ranging from Paris, Shanghai, Dubai, Sint-Petersburg, Hong Kong, London, Berlin, Brussels, Amsterdam and now Winnipeg. Here’s what it’s like:

EXPECT to wait. Reservations are backed up and it’s not exactly cheap. Meals start at $129 not including tax or gratuity, and go up past $200 for special occasions. But the social media attention you’ll get from eating here………priceless.

Here’s all the details you need to book your spot in Winnipeg: https://lepetitchef.com/Winnipeg

Still in Winnipeg! Guess who is coming to COMICON? The Chicken Man from Breaking Bad! Giancarlo Esposito!

And there’s more. Lou Ferrigno from The Incredible Hulk is coming, the Trailer Park Boys and Sean Astin from the GOONIES, Stranger Things and Lord of the Rings! https://comicconwinnipeg.com/artists/

NO your Facebook is NOT Broken. FACEBOOK will soon limit comments. The social media company added it will disable the ability to see the first one or two comments on posts while scrolling the Facebook feed.


Travis Kelce Buys New Mansion For Privacy Amid Taylor Swift Relationship. Apparently too many Swiftees were coming to his house just to park outside and take pictures. Privacy is becoming and issue, poor guy.


A giant teddy bear explodes in a dollar store parking lot. A guy in California was arrested after he inexplicably drove into the parking lot of a dollar store not to shop or even steal, but to release an exploding teddy bear. Security footage shows the 58-year-old San Bernardino man getting out of his SUV, placing the large plushy on the ground two parking spots away, and then getting back into his car to watch as white smoke spews from the bear before it blows.

Britney Spears Admits to Cheating on Justin Timberlake in Memoir. Britney is owning up to a moment of unfaithfulness during her relationship with Justin Timberlake . A source tells Us Weekly that Spears, 41, writes about a transgression with dancer and choreographer Wade Robson in her upcoming memoir, The Woman in Me , which hits shelves on Tuesday. This after revelations of Justin’s infidelity and her news of an abortion.


Trendy Halloween Pizza is back on both sides of the border. Papa Johns Is Bringing Back The Jack-O-Lantern Pizza Starting On October 23.

Why, Exactly, Did TikTok Completely Encrust A Steak In Salt? A lot of viral TikTok hacks are just gimmicks used for clicks, but it turns out that completely encrusting a steak in salt is done for a very good reason.

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