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Pepper X-Killer Kangaroos-$15 000 Giveaway-Toothpaste Mistake

Pepper X-Killer Kangaroos-$15 000 Giveaway-Toothpaste Mistake

Headlines Oct 20: Major Brandon drug bust involving large amounts of cocaine, oxy & marijuana. 2 men face drugs & weapons charges.

-BPS have recovered a stolen vehicle from Alberta and arrested a 33-year-old woman.

-Premier hints at shakeup on the board at MPI to be among the first orders of business.

-$2M to hire 15 new Brandon paramedics, 5 for holding cells at BPS; others to operate a third ambulance.

-Brandon’s Airport runway will be repaved next year as part of $10M in upgrades.

-Pro-Palestinian hackers take over former Premier Heather Stefanson’s Instagram. PC party working with Meta to retrieve.

-Wpg man gets 12yr for child sex abuse at home daycare that left families living ‘worst nightmares’.

-US warning citizens to “exercise increased caution” when travelling; State Department citing “increased tensions” in “worldwide caution” advisory.

-Dwayne Jones of Melita won $100K on Lotto 6/49. Cameron Schettler a member of the Grandview Sunrise branch, picked a key that opened the Sunrise safe for $15K as part of Sunrise CU’s 15th Anniversary celebrations.

-Golden Knights pull ahead late, top Jets 5-3 in playoff rematch. Wheat Kings in Everett tonight.

BE CAREFUL WHEN Travelling. See something-say something. World Wide caution as world events take a turn. Many sunseekers travel into the US, and although this warning is for US citizens overseas, the advice is good advice for all travelling outside Canada right now.

HOTTEST Pepper on the Planet! The Guinness Book of World Records now says the Pepper X has dethroned the Carolina Reaper as world’s hottest chilli pepper, breaking the record by over one million SHU.

Pink Says She Has Respiratory Infection, Postpones More Shows. Pink is taking some time away from her tour … she says she’s suffering from a respiratory infection and is postponing a couple more scheduled shows as a result. The singer shared the health update Thursday on social media, revealing her diagnosis.


Cute alert. As long as they don’t puke. Parents create ‘baby dance club’ to help caregivers bond with babies.

Gone are the days when couples registered at a STORE before getting married, so guests could buy them what they need Couples are using wedding registries to crowdsource a down payment for a house!


Forget popcorn. Soon movie goers can order BurgerFi. The burger chain signed a licensing agreement with a movie theater chain that will allow film watchers to order burgers from their seats. You really want to eat a messy burger in the dark?


A Woman Accidentally Brushed Her Teeth With Hemorrhoid Cream. A young woman went to her bathroom and accidentally brushed her teeth with Preparation H instead of toothpaste. You know, Preparation H for hemorrhoids.

Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce Sighting in Connecticut Turns Out to Be Scarecrows. A hoax had fans flocking to a small Connecticut town. A rumor spread like wildfire around the town of New Canaan on Thursday.


People would rather inherit a pet from a loved one than a car! According to new research. A poll of 2,000 adults revealed that the top assets respondents would like to inherit one day are a house or property (65%), followed by A PET!!!


‘Here We Go Again’: Australian Man Fights Off Kangaroo Who Had His Dog In a Headlock. I thought kangaroos were cute. Not anymore.

These guys are BUFFED. They’re scary and they’re a little nuts! Not going to Australia now.

3 DEEP FRIED MEATS. Which one would you want to eat (if any?)


Deep Frying Hot Dogs, Burgers, & Chicken Wings! 🍔

♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

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