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SNOW-Taylor TikTok Handshake-Rude Things U Do at SelfCheck

SNOW-Taylor TikTok Handshake-Rude Things U Do at SelfCheck

Headlines Oct 23: SPECIAL WEATHER STATEMENT: Pattern change to colder temps; first shot of accumulating snow this week as mild fall weather comes to an abrupt end with showers & arctic air, temps dropping to single digits, & highs of -5 to -10 for the weekend & Halloween. Accumulating snow comes to western SK late Monday, MB Tuesday.

-The fire that damaged Progressive Westman’s location at 372 Park E was electrical, according to the company.

-Employees at MB Superstores ratify contract for 11 stores; 3500 workers for the next 5 yrs. 5.6% increase, retro to Sept, another 3.3% March 31 & another 7% for last 3yrs of the deal.

-50th MB Ag Ex livestock show opens Wednesday. | MB Gov has appoints a new board of directors to oversee MPI amid current challenges.

-The IIU is investigating an incident Sept. 3 where a BPS officer responded to a report of loud music. Upon arrival, officers met with people onsite, however later that day, a group visited BPS to make a complaint about the conduct of the officers.

-Weekend of protest: ‘We don’t want to see anybody hurt’: Rallies in Wpg support both sides of Israeli/Hamas conflict. And LGBTQ education in schools brings out protesters, counter-protesters in Wpg.

-3hr standoff with barricaded man ends in arrest: Wpg police.

-Carman’s Jason Terwin has won the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth competition with a pumpkin weighing a whopping 1,539 pounds.

-Blue Bombers blitz Elks 45-25. Wheat Kings wrap up road trip with loss to Wenatchee in a SO 4-3. Next game Thurs when they host Moose Jaw.

SNOW IS COMING. This was Alberta yesterday and more snow falling today. Tonight it moves into SK. There is a snowfall warning in effect for Calgary now.


From Sherri Webster: Last night up in McLennan Alberta, closer to Grande Prairie.

Was Taylor at the game Sunday??? YES! And she has a NEW TOUCHDOWN Celebration all the kids are doing. Not me, but all the kids are doing it. haha.

Taylor Swift remains at top of the box office for second straight week. The concert movie “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour” earned $10.4 million its second Friday in theaters.


The 7 Rudest Things You’re Doing at Self-Checkout, Etiquette Experts Say. Between online shopping and self-checkout in stores, our shopping experiences are increasingly automated and isolated. However, that doesn’t mean that your behavior occurs in a vacuum.



Self check out 😂 @Matt Josten

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