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Mike’s Winter #1-Great Scary Hot Spots-Crazy Pilot Explanation

Mike’s Winter #1-Great Scary Hot Spots-Crazy Pilot Explanation

Headlines Oct 25: SNOWFALL WARNING. 10 to 20cm is expected for southern MB Wednesday. Areas closest to the US border will see highest amounts.

-Emergency crews attended to an accident on 110 bypass bridge. Roads were closed both North and South bound for a time this morning causing traffic delays. Initial reports from witnesses say slippery road conditions may have played a part in the accident.

-10AM CDT UPDATE: Bank of Canada holds rate at 5%.

-Largest all-breeds cattle show in the province, MB Ag Ex starts today in Brandon.

-Manitoba’s Public Utilities Board critical of the City of Brandon’s handling of water rate increases, approving major increases over the next 3yrs, but criticizing lack of process.

-Today is voting day in the Brandon School Division’s by-election for 2 trustee vacancies. Polls open at 8a; info at brandonvotes.ca

-Brandon Catholic school responds to call to cut its public funding after resident raised concerns about St. Augustine funding last month.

-Repairs to Brandon’s Civic Services Complex to take several more months after Sept natural gas line explosion. Temporary location is 382 Park E.

-Emergency crews responded to small fire near the Riverbank Discovery Centre Tues morning; quickly extinguished.

-14 year old boy charged with break and enter with intent and fail to comply with undertaking after breaking into Meadows School this week after hours.

-Aaron Pritchett comes to Brandon Feb 23 to the 40. Tix go on sale Oct 27 at 10am.

It’s coming our way! Today is Manitoba’s turn for the BIG SNOW. It hit Alberta and SK yesterday.

“It’s my first winter. What do I need to know?” Mike is about to enjoy his first Winter in Manitoba. Here’s what you said he needs to prepare for: Linda Horvath Johnson-Warm clothes and a shovel. Steve Geletchuk-Well the mosquitos have flown south for the winteryou could warm him about the great orange snow snakes that litter the roads after the first cold snap? Paul Croft-Be prepared! Or hibernate. Either one works. Shauna Keam-Be mindful if your walking out in the cold..dress appropriately for the weather skin freeze warning is real..scarfs are not just for looks they serve a purpose! and at the end of winter you will think -10 is decent weather and start pulling out your spring clothes !

Angela Desmarais-Welcome to the freezer for the next few months 😆 Tina Louise-If he’s a driver, give yourself extra time to get to your destination and drive for the road conditions (reduce your speed). Brandie BadAsh Phoenix-dress in layers cause you never know when it will thunderstorm in December and snow in July. Bonnie Eggleston-Buy skates and a sled and enjoy!! Pauline Lewandoski-They moved here on purpose? Embrace winter and enjoy Mother Nature’s natural playground or it will be a long 6 months. Karen Fowler Drul-In Manitoba the weather can change from hour to hour; prepare for the worse and hope for the best; smile when the sun shines; when it is cloudy remember that it won’t last forever and most of all don’t complain (even though we all do). Ditty Dittmer-Move to Arizona, we’ll split the gas. Tiffany McMaster-Dress warm, wear layers, winter tires, keep blankets in your vehicle in case of emergency… or just stay home and sleep for the winter.

Colette Scott-Buy a toque, mitts, winter boots, a cord to plug in your vehicle, and stay indoors as much as possible! Voila! Allan Cooley-Remote auto start is your best friend if you have a vehicle or have someone that leaves before you to start it! Nomes Ducharme-Buy a face warmer/cover for those days when the air is so cold it stings your face! Wear layers under your coat, always wear a toque and mitts and have extras of both in your car, buy wool socks, a cord to plug in your vehicle, jumper cables. Brian Sutherland-People forget how to drive to the conditions the very second the temp either gets colder for the first time, or warmer for the first time. Be prepared for bonehead drivers for the next week. Darlene Rose-Watch for online last minute travel deals to somewhere warmer 😎 Elaina Whitmer-Mitts and toque. Boots! Warm coat. Hopefully it won’t be 50 below lol. Alicia Poitras-Winter survival kit in their car if they drive, give yourself extra time to get places, don’t let the gas tank get too low, warm winter gear, salt for their steps & sidewalk. Find an enjoyable hobby. Try snow shoeing or cross country skiing. 🤗

Tamara Pitman-If you have a vehicle—plug it in at night/when not in use, start your car and let it “warm up” for at least 10 mins before you leave, be prepared with a window scraper, and winter tires are always a good idea. Lori Noonan-Dress in layers, buy a warm coat and ski pants, get a toque, (that’s what Canadians call a knitted hat) get a balaclava, mitts need to be warm leather with fluffy interior. Winter boots do not buy ones with plastic bottoms. Alec Cahn-You will need to sell a kidney in hopes of paying your heating fuel bills. Katriana Miller-You need to know that you will question why this place even exists. Save your money and get out when you can. Jason Kusnick-Book your winter tire changeover BEFORE there’s snow in the forecast. Best piece of advice for new Canadians as I’ve given up on everyone whos lived here long enough to know better.

GREAT SCARY PLACES IN MANITOBA! Here’s a list from Travel Manitoba that gives you a great selection of spooky self guided tours, haunted museums, special events, mazes and MORE! Worth checking out. THANKS Travel Manitoba!


(Travel Manitoba)

Update: Pilot Who Tried to Crash Alaska Airlines Plane Was High on Psychedelic Mushrooms. Incredible. The plot thickens. Yesterday we told you about an off-duty pilot who attempted a mid-flight shutdown while flying “jump seat”. Apparently there’s and explanation.

No Taylor Swift News today, but her future Mother In Law is once again making headlines. Travis Kelce’s Mom Donna Kelce has released her own merch collection with the proceeds go to a good cause. And don’t forget MY MERCH store here at tylerglenshow.com for all your Christmas Gifts this year! haha. https://www.teepublic.com/stores/tyler-glen-show

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WHAT IS ONLYFANS? Today on the show we had some Sun Seekers wanting to share a constant stream of pictures of themselves and I told one member to look into making cash in an onlyfans page. That opened a big can of worms as many still don’t know what the site ONLYFANS is. OnlyFans is an online platform and app created in 2016. With it, people can pay for content (photos, videos and live streams) via a monthly membership. Content is mainly created by YouTubers, fitness trainers, models, content creators and public figures in order to monetise their profession. It is also popular with adult content creators. I’ll repeat that last sentence again, it is POPULAR WITH ADULT CONTENT Creators. PROCEED at your OWN RISK!

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