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Our Weatherman goes Viral-Taylor Pumpkin-9 to 5 Questioned

Our Weatherman goes Viral-Taylor Pumpkin-9 to 5 Questioned

Headlines Oct 26: Snow is here to stay. Warnings & watches end for southern MB, however another 5cm of snow is expected by the weekend, along with strong NW winds.

-Several minor accidents reported Wed as the first snow system of the season made roads slippery, especially bridges.

-Natural gas prices to drop in MB, just in time for colder weather. The Public Utilities Board (PUB) announced Wed a rate decrease approval to kick in the beginning of next month, saving users 10% or $75 a year.

-BSD by-election winners (unofficial) Kirk Carr-City Ward 1 & Lorraine McConnell-Rural Ward 2.

-The Independent Investigation Unit of Manitoba (IIU) is investigating circumstances surrounding the arrest of a female youth by Brandon Police resulting in injuries Oct 16.

-Unprecedented demand. Record number of visitors to food banks in MB renews calls for greater support. The province sees as many as 60K visits each month.

-Westoba Credit Union plans to sell its building at 220 10th & 1020 Princess.

-Baldur School evacuated Wed morning after propane smell was detected. Fire Department quickly cleared the building, and classes resumed later in the day.

-SK, MB & Newfoundland lead the nation with $10 childcare. Quebec has lowest child care fees in the country.

-18 Dead and 13 Injured in Lewiston Maine the evening of Oct 25 when a mass shooter attacked people in a bowling alley and bar. As of the morning of the 26th, the shooter is still at large.

-Jets down Blues 4-2, tonight the Wheat Kings host Moose Jaw.

Two sad stories in the news. In addition to our thoughts being with those in Lewison Maine (population slightly smaller than Brandon) our thoughts are also with the people of Mexico. Acapulco was hit with a big hurricane, that has left chaos and looting in its wake.

Ron Thompson, legendary local weatherman of 3 decades, passed away in 2011. But the first snowfall of the year meant nostalgic weather friends on Facebook were sharing an old picture of the broadcaster. Of course I had to share too, adding some context to why everyone loved Ron. Others joined the fun and offered their thoughts on our Ron Thompson!

Calvin Yanchycki-Really miss the station. Derek Beare-Easy does it, and that’s the weather!! Dawn Delaune Riddle-He was so kind. We enjoyed our visits. I enjoyed his stories and his love for music. He really was a kind soul. Karen Prince-My husband and I were just talking about him the other day . 😊 Scott Canart-Ron had the most incredible stories from his teen years! I miss that guy. He treated rookies at the station with kindness. Many don’t. I’ll always appreciate him for his generosity and encouragement. Lily O’driscoll
He was a great weatherman !! Sure miss our local TV station ! Here’s Ron on the Noon Show.

And HERE is Ron’s legendary Weather Forecast. What a local legend. Easy Does it……..and that’s the weather!

Will isn’t this interesting. Apparently Sophie Gregoire Trudeau ‘re-partnered’ months before separation from PM was announced: Postmedia. Apparently a doctor. I know it’s hard to get a doctor in Canada but this is ridiculous. Here’s what the Doc looks like.


Will tipping at restaurants soon become a thing of the past? 75% think the generous practice has gotten out of control!


Taylor Swift Pumpkin is coming to your nightmares. This 400-Lb Pumpkin of Taylor Swift’s Head isn’t carved, but painted. And yes it comes with a pumpkin football to honor her boyfriend.


Taylor Swift is making her way to central Ohio – in the form of a 399-pound pumpkin.⁠ ⁠ Taylor Swiftkin, as creator Jeanette Paras dubbed her artwork, features Swift in her 2023 Grammys red carpet look, complete with chandelier earrings and long bangs.⁠ ⁠ The 68-year-old Dublin native used nine wigs and sweet potato ears to create the iconic look.⁠⁠ ⁠ #TaylorSwift #TravisKelce #pumpkin #Ohio

♬ original sound – NBCSouthFlorida


Cell phone DINING CHARGE? Imagine restaurants started charging an electric fee to people wanting to use their phone in a restaurant when they should be dining. I love the idea, but relax, the TikTok about a restaurant phone-charging fee is staged.


Changes at Disney. Disney World will enable guests to make pre-trip park attraction reservations. Right now guests buying Genie Plus must choose their skip-the-line attractions on the day of their visit, but soon it will get even better.


Being and adult is HARD! How do you have time for friends? The gym? A life. Congratulations, most adults don’t have one, especially when they have kids! This college graduate went viral after complaints about her 9 to 5 schedule.


im also getting sick leave me alone im emotional ok i feel 12 and im scared of not having time to live

♬ original sound – BRIELLE


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