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Taylor Saves Tourism-Walmart Houses for $10K-Time Change

Taylor Saves Tourism-Walmart Houses for $10K-Time Change

Leon’s Headlines Nov 3: NEW southbound bridge Daly Overpass OPENED to traffic yesterday; there will be intermittent closures to complete paving.

-Backlogs from MPI strike could take months to clear. Driving tests need to be rescheduled for 15K following strike.

-MB Nurses Union files grievance against Shared Health over safety concerns; wants guards given more power, saying they are basically ‘paid witnesses’

-RCMP says a plane made a temporary landing on a rural road in the RM of St. Andrews Thursday night with 7 people on board. Apparently ran out of fuel but was able to land safely on Pigeon Bluff Road with no injuries.

-The first speech from the throne of the Wab Kinew-led government will be delivered on Nov. 21.

-MB Hydro warning the public about a phone scam where customers were called, informing them there was a truck on the way to their homes to cut off their service if they didn’t immediately provide their personal banking info.

-‘Falling back’ with Daylight Saving Time can throw your body out of sync, prof says. We move our clocks back 1 hour at 2am Saturday. | Jets lost to Vegas 5-2, Wheat Kings visit Regina tonight.

Congratulations Bobbie Wright our Grand Prize WINNER in our “Hot Wheels Wednesday Winter Tire Giveaway with Murray Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMC Brandon Certified Service Express! Bobbie WON a $900 gift card to be used towards her new winter tires. Thank you to everybody who played the contest be safe out there, thanks to everyone who played, and congratulations again to Bobbie!🥳🥳🥳


I love a CLUB! How to make the PERFECT Clubhouse!

TIME CHANGE WEEKEND! Good time to check your C02 detectors (the ones that aren’t hardwired) and to be careful on the roads! CAA reminds us to keep our full vehicle lights on thirty minutes before sunset, and thirty minutes after sunrise. If you’re feeling drowsy, pull over and take a break. Signs of fatigue can include the inability to recall the last few kilometers driven, having disconnected or wandering thoughts, and difficulty focusing or keeping your eyes open. Pedestrians are reminded to stay on the sidewalk, only cross at designated crossings, and always be aware of their surroundings. Clocks fall back one hour at 2 a.m. on Sunday, November 5. The time shift will provide more light in the morning but it also gets darker more quickly in the evening. But why do we do this?

WHY WE CHANGE AND THE FIRST TIME IT WAS DONE IN CANADA: https://www.timeanddate.com/time/dst/history.html

WALMART HOUSE $10 Grand? As home prices continue to rise in Canada, looking to buy a home can be a bit discouraging. What if you looked into a tiny home? I see them on TikTok all the time, and it seems like the spaces can be used in a really efficient way that can make a tiny home feel comfortable. Apparently Walmart is getting in the HOUSE GAME and you can buy a tiny home from the big box retailer for Less Than $10,000 USD! The current and official price is $8,700. You can take a look here. Apartment Therapy says that the tiny home is less than 250 square feet, but Walmart supplies you with nearly everything that you would need.

CAN YOU BUY ONE HERE?!?!?!? YES!!!!!! THE PLOT Thickens. Apparently there is a company in CANADA that can do it for LESS but no fixin’s in the house. HOWVER it will be CSA Approved and insulated for our winters. It’s make by a new companie called Bunkie Life and you can get a HOUSE from them for $10K Canadian!


The Wiggles “deeply disappointed” by the weaponization of their music. Apparently, the city council admitted that a loop of The Wiggles’ earworm “Hot Potato” has been blaring at the Graham Bricknell Memorial Music Shell where unhoused people often take shelter.

Taylor Swift adds show in Vancouver and fans are going bezerk. But fans are already crazy for Taylor. In fact, fans in Argentina have camped out in tents for 5 months in order to be front row at the Eras Tour!


GROSS beyond belief! A Woman Developed A Nasty Cough And Found A Moldy Surprise In The Tumbler She Uses. If you have a water bottle that you drink out of on a daily basis, you’re going to want to pay attention.

Clown shoes from McDonald’s? Go figure. Crocs And McDonald’s Are Teaming Up: Are You A Grimace Or A Hamburglar? McDonald’s and Crocs collaboration.


This is genius. Pancakes and sausages on a stick! Breakfast Corndogs Are A Sweet And Savory Way To Start The Day! Breakfast corn dogs are typically made with breakfast sausage that has been coated in pancake batter and cooked until golden brown and delicious.


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