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Ukrainian Christmas Moves-The Christmas Pickle-Microwave Day

Ukrainian Christmas Moves-The Christmas Pickle-Microwave Day

Leon’s Headlines Dec 6: Record Breaker: Sunshine +5 may break a record set in 2015 when Brandon hit +8.9. Environment Canada’s winter forecast says December will be unseasonably mild thanks a strong El Nino event.

-MB headed for a whopping $1.6B dollar deficit, according to latest financial report, a number the new NDP government says went up from a Q1 report in July that put the deficit at $363M.

-A haul of cocaine, heroin and fentanyl worth more than $185K seized by Wpg police after a raid on 2 homes Sunday. 3 suspects from Ontario in custody.

-Cannabis traffickers used cryptocurrency, ‘barrels of honey or maple syrup’ to cover tracks as 39yr old man obtains grow-op license through fraud to produce ‘vast amounts’ of illicit cannabis.

-Brandon police arrested a 33-year-old man Tuesday for an alleged sexual assault in June

-Charges stayed against Wpg man accused of handing out cannabis gummies on Halloween.

-Time Magazine person of the year is Taylor Swift.

-Brossoit brilliant as Winnipeg Jets down Carolina 2-1. Wheat Kings beat Red Deer 5-2.

Happy Microwave Day!

What is something you love to ZAP in the “Mic”? In 1945 Raytheon filed a patent for a microwave oven and produced the Radarange, a microwave which stood almost six feet tall, and cost $5,000—$54,000 in 2016 dollars. Raytheon licensed its patents to Tappan, which introduced a microwave in 1955, which was still too large and expensive for everyday home use. It cost $1,295, which is almost $12,000 in 2016 dollars. In 1965, Raytheon acquired Amana, and introduced a countertop microwave in 1967 for $495, which is still about $3,600 in 2016 dollars. Soon afterwards, Litton developed a microwave oven that is similar in shape to the ones that are popular today, and it further helped popularize home microwaves. In 1971 there were about 40,000 microwaves in use in the United States, but my 1975 there were a million. By 1986 about 25% of households in the United States had a microwave, and by 1997 the number had risen to over 90%.

CAREFUL Buying your Christmas Trees! One woman bout a tree online that didn’t show, costing her $1500. Best to buy local when you can, and be very careful, even with websites that look official!

This pizza making Baba is almost 100! I’ve gotta eat here! Antoinetta Lomonaco works making pizza at her family’s restaurant at almost 100. She does 3 shifts a week at the Sorrento’s Restaurant at the Caboto Centre. Her son, Gerry, the owner of Sorrento’s, said his mother retired at 65 and the next day she came and started making Pizza! Imagine how good it is!!!!


Realization About Taxes. Amber Marie, a 23-year-old high school English teacher, found herself in a unique teaching moment when she observed one of her students receiving a real-world lesson on the economy. The teenager had been going through a tough time, and upon striking up a conversation, Amber discovered that it was all linked to the girl’s first check and how much the government takes each payday. Welcome to the club!

Maybe it was Lip Balm? Bad: Couple arguing in public. Very bad: Couple arguing while flying in airliner. Made words when the couple brought up the word bomb while flying in airliner. Flight is brought down and the two are arrested. However one member of the couple apologized.


Ah to be Internet Famous. I’m going to crash and airplane on purpose just for the views! Well he got his pilots license back, but he’s going to prison.

The Christmas Pickle Ornament Tradition. In a fun holiday tradition, many families include a pickle among their Christmas tree decorations. Here’s the background behind this quirky little ornament.


Off-Duty pilot who tried to shut down the engines of an Alaska Air flight avoids attempted murder charges. How does that happen? Well the off-duty pilot, who allegedly tried to shut down both engines, was high on mushrooms and instead faces 83 counts of recklessly endangering another person instead, a much lesser charge.

Quarter of Americans don’t feel like adults until they’re nearly 30! A century ago, the average woman was married by 21 in the U.S., while men were getting hitched before turning 25. These days, it seems like the idea of settling down is far from the minds of our young America.


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