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What U want for Christmas ranked-2024 Food Cost Predictions

What U want for Christmas ranked-2024 Food Cost Predictions

Leon’s Headlines Dec 7: After tying the record for warmest Dec 6th at +8, Manitoba braces for snow & wind to end the warm spell. 2 to 4 cm of snow will hit Westman tonight; Friday another 5cm creating poor driving conditions; winds gusts to 70; temps steady near –1.

-Man charged in Wpg mass shooting has history of psychotic episodes: court documents.

-Do not leave your vehicle unattended with the keys inside. Thieves yesterday stole a 2013 grey GMC Terrain from the 300 block of Frederick shortly before 9:00 am. The vehicle has Manitoba license plate KWR 424.

-Wpg police investigating death of baby taken to hospital Monday night. Officers were called to a home on Atlantic Ave Monday evening with a report of an infant in medical distress; rushed to hospital the baby later died.

-2 arrested after driver refuses to stop for police in Dauphin. 31yr old man & 27yr old woman faces charges related to resisting arrest among others; arrested after hitting a spike belt on Hwy 10 south of Onanole, where the vehicle went into the ditch, the suspects fled and a police dog tracked down the suspects.

-Brandon police arrested a 33yr old man Tuesday for alleged sex assault in June.

-Independent Investigation Unit is investigating BPS for an allegation of fabricating evidence after an arrest in 2021 involving a complaint from a man who was arrested, and alleges police fabricated information.

-Leech Group donates $100K to ACC’s Centre for Creative Media to mark 100th year in business.

-Wpg Jets visit Colorado tonight to take on the Avalanche.

LAST of the WARM WEATHER. Today will be mild, but December will start feeling more like itself tonight and Friday with snow on the way, and some HIGH WINDS! Have a look at this!

FOOD PRICES to stabilize. That’s the good news. BUT inflation will continue. That’s the bad news. By how much? Prices are expected to jump another $750 for the average family according to a recent report and roughly $60 monthly per family. Vegetables, meat and baked products are expected to go up, and NO FOODS are expected to decrease in price.


HAPPY AVIATION DAY! Today we celebrate the world of air travel and talked about the first flights we ever took! Have a look at THIS! The most luxurious private Jets YOU can fly in!

I thought Sza was like Pizza? Are you pronouncing that right? Most mispronounced words and names in 2023.


Cash is King! What adults want most for Christmas this year, ranked. Based on these survey results, getting people what they really want doesn’t require much effort at all.


Senseless. Absolutely without explanation. Someone is getting coal in their stocking. Big time. An inflatable Santa was gunned down in drive-by shooting. Street crime is rampant — and not even Santa is safe.

HAMBURGERS NO MORE. The chain famous for Quarter pounders and Big Macs is now about chicken. McDonald’s is a chicken chain now, as the company’s chicken business is “on par” with its beef business as the west continues to devour more poultry.

The Secret World of Daytime Affairs. Often people have affairs during the day, to keep their spouses from knowing about it. They’re supposed to be at work, maybe they grab a hotel room over lunch? But the logistics of it just don’t seem to work. Hotels clean their rooms precisely when people want to use those rooms for affairs.

The questions EVERYONE wants answered. Why do some farts smell and some don’t? And why do some farts feel hot? Science is amazing. I can’t believe someone was paid to study gas.


Taylor has dominated 2023! After taking over stadiums, charts, headlines, and the box office, it’s official: Taylor Swift is Time ‘s Person of the Year for 2023 .Time’s Person of the Year is Taylor Swift, here’s what the internet thinks…….good choice.

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