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Brenda Lee Ousts Mariah-Dumped him over TP-Friday Song

Brenda Lee Ousts Mariah-Dumped him over TP-Friday Song

Leon’s Headlines Dec 8: SNOWFALL WARNING ISSUED EARLY MORNING 12-08 for Westman including Brandon. 10 to 15 cm expected although as temperatures are near freezing there may be some melting, higher amounts in the Parkland. Snow will taper off Friday afternoon.

-Wpg Real Estate Board report Thursday; a decline in sales compared to the same period last year, across the market, there were 843 sales last month avg price $374K. Brandon’s last data from Oct show avg home price $319K and just 37 homes sold in October.

-MPI suing Ford after vehicle damaged by block heater fire. Public insurer’s lawsuit alleges defects in Ford Escape related to block heater.

-MB Premier Wab Kinew has appointed Brandon Chamber of Commerce GM Connor Ketchen as a member of the Premier’s Business & Jobs Council.

-BPS arrested 3 people on drug charges traffic stop on Van Horne Avenue early Friday morning.

-Security guard stabbed during noon-hour robbery at downtown Wpg Dollarama, sending one to hospital and leading to one arrest.

-Senior MB basketball official charged with sexually assaulting 2 fellow referees.

-Jets beat division rival Colorado Avalanche 4-2. Wheat Kings host Moose Jaw tonight 7pm.

BRENDA LEE is on TOPs AGAIN! Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree is #1 on Billboard Hot 100, although Mariah Carey Fans are saying on social media the 90’s songstress is still tops on Spotify and other charts. Could Mariah lose the crown as Queen of Christmas? Which one do YOU like better?

Christmas Queen Mariah! This song has OWNED Christmas since the early 2000’s and continues in the Top 5, but may not be the hottest Christmas song any more!

And NOW at 78 years old, Brenda Lee may be the oldest person to ever have a CURRENT Hot 100 Hit on the Billboard charts with a classic recorded before some of us were even BORN! She grabs this bit of history from Louis Armstrong, who owned this section of the record books for more than half a century!

But the SUNSEEKERS agree and it’s UNANIMOUS: The best Christmas songs of them all might come from Country! And specifically, Kenny and Dolly, who not only were famous for Islands in the Stream, but one of the greatest Christmas Albums of all time, Once Upon a Christmas. And the album came with a CHRISTMAS SPECIAL in 1984. Sit back, grab and eggnog and WATCH the whole special BELOW COMPLETE with 80’s COMMERCIALS!

Woman Breaks Up With Her Boyfriend Because He Didn’t Bring Her Toilet Paper When She Needed It. At first I thought she was just being dramatic and that he could’ve brought it faster, didn’t bring the right kind or just was tied up doing other stuff. No this gal is with the wrong guy. Better to find out now sweetheart.

First they were sandwiches, and now they’re just the “FOOT LONG FOOD STORE”. Subway Is Launching 3 New Footlong Items Soon—and None Of Them Are Sandwiches.


Someone who knows someone at McDonald’s is watching OUR SHOW! I got a message from a random person saying my complaints about small burgers is about to be fixed! WOW! Apparently McDonald’s plans bigger burgers. McDonald’s has announced plans to add bigger burgers to their menu. Find out everything we know so far about this potentially massive menu change.


Person of the year about the get into it with another Celeb we could care less about. Snakes everywhere. Snakes on Kim Kardashian’s Instagram comments after Taylor Swift Called Their Infamous 2016 Phone Call A “Fully Manufactured Frame Job”. Fans are urging Kim to apologize after Taylor called her out for publicly branding her a “liar” and “illegally” recording that infamous phone call in 2016.


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