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Best Soda Pop Flavours-Stealing a hotel

Best Soda Pop Flavours-Stealing a hotel

Leons Headlines Feb 16: Help for healthcare: PM & MB Premier announce $633M in health funding for front-line workers & care for seniors. The goal: 400 doctors, 300 nurses, 200 paramedics & 100 homecare workers.

-Potholes are costing us all. According to Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI), it has received 249 pothole-related claims since the start of 2024. The Crown corp says 161 of these were reported in the first 11 days of February.

-The City of Brandon officially closed the outdoor skating oval Thursday, more than a month earlier than last year.  It opened Dec. 22. 

-Federal government is preparing to return more than $2.5 billion in fuel-charge proceeds to businesses in MB, AB, ON & SK. Although there is no timeline, business advocates say it can’t come soon enough.

-Family identifies Wpg man, 59, killed in police shooting Tues. Bradley Singer died after encounter with police executing Mental Health order.

-Mom of teen slain in Carman says Child & Family Services ignored her safety concerns. ‘This could have been avoided,’ says mother of Myah Gratton.

-2 big winter events land in Minnedosa this weekend; Skate the Lake, the area’s largest outdoor hockey tournament & Curling for a Cure, a 3-day bonspiel fundraiser to fight Cancer. Festival du Voyageur starts today; runs until Feb 25.

-Wheat Kings fall to Moose Jaw 4-2, host Calgary tonight.  

I’ve heard of stealing towels and event the hotel TV, but the ENTIRE HOTEL?!!?!?!

Is that a snake in your pants or are you happy to be back in the USA after your trip to Canada? Guy is caught at border with pythons in his pants, New York City man fined and sentenced to probation.


Science is pure magic sometimes. This is one of those times. A Guy Who Farted So Hard He Floated. Apparently the secret to levitation isn’t in wires, light tricks or “magic” but rather a really, really strong fart.



I’m returning the Apple Vision Pro ⬇️ This is one of the most insane pieces of tech I’ve ever used. And I really think in 2-3 years this can become a piece of tech I use every single day. But right now… – Too Expensive – Too Heavy – Not Enough Use Cases – Too Solo I loved using it though and wish it was at a price point where I’d be okay only using it once a week or so. #applevisionpro #apple #ai #tech

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No FOMO here, the goggles from Apple appears to be a BUST. Here’s why So Many People Are Returning the Apple Vision Pro.


What about on a plane? And while people don’t like the Apple goggles, some airlines are offering an In-Flight augmented reality experience.

Beyonce is Country now? Really? Doesn’t feel country to me. A Country Music Station Accused of “Blatant Racism” After Refusing to Play Beyoncé after she released two new country songs on Feb. 11, “Texas Hold ‘Em” and “16 Carriages.” A fan of the singer found that his request to hear the music on country radio was denied. This set off major backlash.


People are doing whatever it takes to make extra money in this economy. So why the blowback? How an OnlyFans mom’s ads got 9 kids got expelled from Florida private Christian school.

Woman wakes up after 5 years in a coma. Doctors told Peggy Means her daughter Jennifer Flewellen would likely never wake up from her coma following a car accident, and advised Means to take her off life support. Means never gave up hope.

When it comes to finding the best soda in the world, StudyFinds did the research and found the top contenders for the top spot in the pop isle. Agree or disagree? Here Are The 7 Best Sodas, Ranked.


GAME CHANGER for Movies and TV. Imagine just speaking and instead of voice to text you have Voice to Text, then text to VIDEO! OpenAI’s Sora Turns Short Text Prompts into Photo-Realistic Video. OpenAI announced Sora, a new text-to-video AI program that can turn short prompts into photo-realistic video.

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