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Red Lobster for Sale-Wing Falls Apart Guy Asks Reditt for Advice

Red Lobster for Sale-Wing Falls Apart Guy Asks Reditt for Advice

Leons Headlines Feb 21: Manitoba’s inflation rate dropped from 1.7% in December to 0.8% in January, the lowest in Canada. Speaking at a news conference, Premier Wab Kinew said MB is the only province with inflation below the Bank of Canada’s target range, thanks to a significant drop in gas prices in MB, which fell 14% in January thanks to the temporary suspension of the provincial gas tax.

-Police investigating after a woman was found dead on Princess Avenue Monday Morning. Brandon police received a call that someone was sleeping in the yard of an address in the 200 block of Princess, where a 49-year-old female was located deceased.

-Man found dead near Trans-Canada Hwy between Elie and Portage Monday morning believed to be victim of hit and run, RCMP say. Victim is from Long Plain FN but his name has not been released.

-Funeral for 5 people, killed earlier this month, to be held in Carman, MB today.

-Large new Shoppers Drug Mart will be built in Dauphin later this year. The store is set to be built at the former Village Mall at 1430 Main St South.

-Wpg residents in a number of southern neighbourhoods are being asked to reduce water use as work continues to repair a leak spewing sewage into the river for 2 weeks. As of Friday 192 million litres of untreated sewage had spilled into the Red River.

-Winnipeg Jets with 6-3 win over Minnesota Wild in Tuesday night game.  


I just can’t get used to her singing country, yet. But my opinion doesn’t matter. The charts don’t lie. Beyoncé Is the First Black Woman to Top the Country Charts, and she has once again, broke the internet with her talents.


What happens in Vegas, ends up online. A Slot Machine Brawl Breaks Out in Vegas Casino and ends up tangling two ladies like your Christmas lights.


Flight Attendant’s Super Creepy Interaction With Hotel’s Housekeeper Makes The Internet Cringe. One flight attendant on TikTok named Destanie shares her story after a recent hotel stay to get some reaction from the internet.


So many men literally don’t have the social awareness to realize they make girls super uncomfy 😭 Like just that I’m nice doesn’t mean I want you???? #flightattendant

♬ original sound – Destanie | Flight Attendant ✈️

10 Bizarre Legal Name Changes. The law allows people to change their names, maybe to give such people a sense of self-fulfillment or to make life better. But some of these are just plain nuts.


Careful when buying a lotto ticket around ANYONE. A Man Sues His Ex For Half Of The $1.3M Lottery Ticket She Bought When They Were Together. He says it was his idea but she paid for it. Who gets the cash?


Your on a flight when the wing starts to fall apart. What do you do? One Passenger On United Airlines Flight Asks Reddit For Advice and the reaction was actually quite good.

Oh NO! Red Lobster (corporate) is up for sale. The struggling seafood chain lost more than $22 million last year, said Thai Union Group, which is looking to offload the brand.


Yummy and delicious like head cheese? Are Canned Pork Brains Still Sold?


Last week it was on a West jet flight, and not American. Another guy tries to open a door mid flight, but since it wasn’t at cruising altitude he got it part way open, and passengers had to tackle the guy.

Walmart looks to get into the streaming and thus advertising business. It is planning to buy TV maker Vizio for $2.3 billion in move to grow its ad business. What will Walmart stream on these Tv’s? Or will it just buy shows to run?


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