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Internet Down USA-Is the Taylor Travis Thing a Scam

Internet Down USA-Is the Taylor Travis Thing a Scam

Leons Headlines Feb 22: Majority of Manitobans want gas tax break to be extended: poll. 14-cent provincial tax on gas paused for 6 months.

-Police say death not criminal. A a 49yr old Woman was dead in the yard of a Brandon home Monday.

-Province now investigating Wpg pipe leak, with 90K residents asked to cut water use while the city battles a leak that has spewed over 200M litres of untreated sewage into the Red River. | 1 Person found dead after fire in a multi-family home in Wpg around 4am Wed in the Glenwood neighbourhood.

-Warm Winter! The River skating trail at The Forks closes after shortest season ever, open for just 9 days.

-MB is the 2nd youngest province; Millennials make up largest portion of population: new data. AB is the youngest, average age 39.

-Manitoba’s Jennifer Jones among rinks clinching playoff berths at Tournament of Hearts. The winner of Sunday’s final represents Canada at the world championship in Sydney, N.S.

-Wheat Kings visit PA tonight.

AMERICA UNPLUGGED. Large swathes of the US were hit by a cellular phone outage early on Thursday, with thousands of users reporting disruptions with the services offered by telecom firms including AT&T, affecting calls and text messages and even emergency service calls in major cities including San Francisco. Users of Verizon, T-Mobile and UScellular also reported disruptions, though the outage with the services was much smaller than AT&T, according to Downdetector. Cities where most users were affected included San Francisco, Houston and Chicago.

Unmarked train crossings can be SUPER Dangerous! New video of Amazon van sliced in half by train. The astonishing new video from inside an Amazon van when an Amtrak train smashed into it, slicing the vehicle clean in half. Incredibly, the driver was unscathed. But a reminder to be safe at unattended crossings!

What time are you going to bed? Chances are it’s too late. ‘Is Going To Bed At 9PM The Secret To Happiness? Young people are increasingly heading to bed early and getting almost 10 hours of sleep.


OH wow, yesterday it was Pork Brains and today it’s pork flavored coffee? Starbucks releases pork flavored coffee in China for Lunar New Year. Think I’ll pass.


Maggots in Fish Aren’t the Only Weird Things People’ve Tried to Bring onto Planes. Delta flight returns after maggots. We had on the show the story of the Detroit-bound Delta Air Lines flight that had to return to the gate after critters fell from the overhead bin, but that’s the tip of the iceburg when it comes to what people try to transport.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is getting a spin-off at Paramount. Sam and Victor’s Day Off will follow the two valets who borrowed Cameron’s father’s Ferrari as they set out on their own adventure through Chicago. David Katzenberg will direct the spin-off, which will also take place on a single day.

AI to do customer service? Sure but you’re libel for any errors the Ai makes if you use it for your customer service. Air Canada found that out the hard way when they had to honor a refund policy its chatbot made up.


I prefer meat, however Beyond Meat is out with a new improved meatless product apparently. The new, healthier version of burger is a bid to bring back customers.


People Believe Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce Are Faking It. Travis Kelce joked about his attempt to court Taylor Swift by giving her a friendship bracelet with his number on it after a concert at Arrowhead Stadium—a nod to a lyric from the fan-favorite song. But a recent post Superbowl video shows they may be co-ordinated in their show of PDA.


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