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Worst Airline Meal Ever Served-Housekeeper Horror Stories

Worst Airline Meal Ever Served-Housekeeper Horror Stories

Leons Headlines Feb 23: Brandon School Division will levy an education property tax increase of 2.92 per cent, or roughly $30 for the owner of an average single-family home with an assessed value of $300K. Earlier this month, City Council voted to raise property taxes by 9.4 per cent, a larger tax hike than the last 10yrs combined.

-ACC is bringing back the indoor beach volleyball tournament known as “Sun of a Beach” March 23.

-Woman, 36, charged after $30K stolen from Carberry Curling Club: Manitoba RCMP. Woman accused of using RM funds to pay back curling club, RCMP say.

-MB man accused of killing 5 family members, including his three young children, will make a court appearance in Winnipeg Friday. Ryan Manoakeesick, 29, is charged with five counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of his common-law partner, Amanda Clearwater, 30, their 3 children, 6yr old Bethany, 4yr old Jayven and 2 month-old Isabella, as well as Clearwater’s relative Myah-Lee Gratton, 17.

-Second pump installed as Wpg crews work to stop sewage leak.

-Lynx Air to cease operations Monday, obtains creditor protection. Calgary-based, ultra low-cost airline launched in 2022 but faced ‘significant headwinds,’ the company says.

-Fred Penner to play the Winter Fair next month with 2 shows March 27th.

-Jets are in Chicago tonight. The Wheat Kings edge PA 3-2; move to Saskatoon to face the Blades tonight.

So WHAT HAPPENED yesterday with the US phone & internet system? We all moved on rather quickly after much of the country was without cell/internet service, then it was downplayed to a few thousand customers in major US cities, and then the entire outage pinned on AT&T. Hmm.

If we can’t laugh, then what can we do? The Best Memes and Reactions to the Nationwide Cellular Outage.


Rotary phones to cassette tapes. It’s always fun trying to explain what this stuff is to young people.


Housekeepers are awesome and they put up with so much! Here’s some Housekeeper stories that are weird and gross.


Is this a stunt or another way to make money? One of Hollywood’s most bankable starts has started a page on ONLYFANS! John Cena joins OnlyFans: ‘Like you’ve never seen me before’.


Nobody likes to get left behind, but slang terms can often feel like “we’re out of the loop”. Here’s the most popular and reviled American slang terms, ranked.


Something tells me Taylor Swift gets her “nice” inspiration from Dolly Parton. Dolly is just do classy. She took to the internet to congratulate Beyoncé Hitting #1 on Billboard Country Chart. But it had me asking, what about Tracy Chapman?


A brand-new Savory Chili Sauce will hit McDonald’s menus Feb. 26. And the new sauce is apparently inspired by Anime?


Was there ever a time when airlines served good food? From Fish Pie to Mac & Cheese Misery: Is This The Worst Airline Meal Ever Served?

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