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MB reacts to Chipman’s Jets Woes-$1000 Sub Sandwich

MB reacts to Chipman’s Jets Woes-$1000 Sub Sandwich

Leons Headlines Feb 26: Alberta clipper set to end mild temperatures as a storm rolls through tonight. Temp are expected to hit -30 in some regions. Snow mixed with freezing rain ends this morning, snow in the evening is followed by cold temps.

-NDP reaches a deal with the Liberal government to introduce the first piece of a national pharmacare program; coverage for birth control & diabetes medication and provide of more drugs to follow.

-MB landlords need better protection; owner says after Brandon rental property ‘totally destroyed’ in Brandon after $8,000 in damages.

-Wpg man facing impaired driving charge after driving onto sidewalk near WPS HQ on Smith.

-Low attendance at Jets games ‘not going to work over the long haul’. Mark Chipman says he’s personally called former season ticket holders to return. Jets edged Arizona 4-3 yesterday.

-Homan beats Jones for 4th Scotties title as retiring legend falls short of history. Ontario skip secures 5-4 win in 10th end.

-Just 10 games left for the Wheat Kings this season, next up is PA Friday.

WHAT A FRIDAY! So much news, from Mark Chipman’s Jets comments, to Pharmacare announcement to a balloon over North America. It was a WILD Friday!

So will all drugs be covered under the new PHARMACARE system? Apparently not to start. Just birth control and some diabetes drugs to START with the promise of MORE to come?

What was that BALLOON? Another balloon slipped into US airspace but apparently the scramble of fighter jets at Norad was for not.

That’s one expensive sandwich. Woman charged $1,010 for a single Subway sandwich, still waiting for solution.


Records are back in a big way as young people buy a record number of records! However, half of vinyl buyers in the US don’t have a record player, new study shows.

Dr Pepper Peeps Returns for Second Year, Available Nationwide This February. In an exciting announcement for candy enthusiasts and soda lovers alike, but I think I’ll pass.

As if it wasn’t already super expensive to stay in a hotel. (Average night in Winnipeg is now just under $200). Now They Say You Should Clean Your Own Hotel Room – But Still Leave A Tip For Housekeeping.

Eating out at a fancy restaurant. Here’s some tricks some restaurants use yo make you spend more without even realizing it.



Top 4 unique/fancy restaurants in Las Vegas you MUST TRY! #vegas #lasvegas

♬ original sound – Marco Murillo

The massive US phone and internet outage will result in compensation. Heavy compensation. Of course we’re being a tad sarcastic. AT&T will give a $5 credit to customers for its major outage downtime.


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