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Stay at Eggo Cabin for Free-Canadian Drives off Hawaii Cliff

Stay at Eggo Cabin for Free-Canadian Drives off Hawaii Cliff

Leons Headlines Feb 28: Manitoba approves $710M in emergency funds for health-care staffing challenges.

-Cocaine worth $9M found in unclaimed suitcases at Winnipeg airport. Largest-ever narcotics seizure at an airport in the Prairie region, border agency says.

-A survey from the Pew Research suggests 44% of adults 18-34 received financial help from their parents in the past year, including for basic expenses like groceries.

-Warmer than normal spring coming – but brace for ‘profound moods swings’ – Weather Network

-BU spends $6M on failed computer system, as it pulls the plug on a four-year, multimillion-dollar contract with a Florida-based computer firm hired to deliver a new digital system to run the university’s academic and administrative records.

-MB Public Insurance is suing Ford over 8 vehicle fires, saying block heaters were at fault, the 2nd lawsuit filed against Ford by public insurer over block heater.

-Province cuts ties with Wpg foster home operator after teens given marijuana daily as a form of harm reduction.

-‘I believe this is a strong NHL market’: Bettman tries to put fears to rest as Jets deal with low attendance. Wpg win 4th straight, complete season sweep of visiting St. Louis Blues 4-2.

When on vacation, it’s always good to have a guide or a local if venturing off for any activity by yourself. Even if that activity seems simply like watching a sunset in Hawaii. One Canadian man learned that the hard way.

Did Taylor Swift’s Dad punch a photographer in the face in Australia? It appears there was a best a “dust up” between Dad and members of the media recently, and at worst, possibly as assault. But as this video shows it looks more like an umbrella tussle than anything.


Taylor Swift’s 71-year-old dad is accused of assaulting a photographer. Her team say an Australian photographer ‘threatened to throw a female staff member into the water’, before her father Scott allegedly punched the man in the face. 🎥 Matrix AU #taylorswift #assult #paparazzi #australia #fyp

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Retail is really challenged right now. Several popular mall chains including Banana Republic , Bath & Body Works and Sears have shuttered stores. And now, another as Macy’s closes 150 more stores as shoppers leave the brand.

These royals are MIA and I’m starting to get concerned. And I don’t like the Royal family, but all these health issues are starting to worry me. Now William is cancelling appearances for undisclosed reasons. What is going on?


Is it the Vegas curse? First Celine and now Adele? Illness Forces Postponement of Next 5 Weekends of Vegas Residency.

Streaming services are getting more and more expensive. Netflix May Rise Prices Again This Year, Analysts Expect.


Too much mayhem in the skies. From people fighting to people defecating in the isle, this pilot has seen enough online and doesn’t want any of that nonsense on his plane. This is a Delta Airlines Captain laying down the lay in pre flight announcements.

Leggo My Eggo is burned into every 80’s child’s brain as an ad slogan that has stood the test of time. But now you can stay in a literal House Of Pancakes and how far you have to drive to find it! Yes breakfast is included!



We heard @Eggo was building a literal stack of pancakes cabin in the middle of the Smokey Mountains, and we had to see it for ourselves. 👀🥞

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Some of these guys look like goats, and others have too much hair! Here’s the top 7 Coolest-Looking Dogs, Ranked.


Astrologers have assembled a list of great pizzas we need to try based on your sign. They don’t always get it right, but you’ll have to try a slice and see! Here’s the Pizza You Should Order, Based on Your Zodiac Sign.


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