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Hide Your toothbrush at the Hotel-Your $500 Walmart Payday

Hide Your toothbrush at the Hotel-Your $500 Walmart Payday

Leons Headlines April 10: NEW: Bank of Canada holds interest rate at 5%. “While things are moving in the right direction, housing, restaurant meals & grocery inflation is still too high.”

-MB Gov says Parks Canada is considering closing Clear Lake to boating this year, including canoes and kayaks, due to zebra mussels. Jamie Moses, the province’s natural resources minister has sent a letter to federal Environment & Climate Change Minister Steven Guilbeault, asking them to reconsider.

-Post-secondary institutions across MB prepare for a drop in international students following the federal government’s plan to bring in a student admission cap. MB will see a 10% decrease; may lead to some programs no longer being offered.

-City approves 2024 financial plan and 9.5% tax increase for Brandon residents. At Monday’s meeting, the city also projected a needed tax increase of 11.5% next year, 10% 2026 and 9.9% in 2027.

-Brandon Fire and Emergency Services has told owners & operators of mobile food trucks of the May 1st mandatory fire safety inspection required for operating within the City of Brandon. All inspections will take place at #1 Fire Hall, 120 19th St. North, prior to operating for the season.

-Brandon SD approves almost ½ Million dollars to purchase 625 laptops, 200 integrated pens & 200 desktop pcs at regular meeting Monday.

-Man killed following Tues morning shooting at Furby & Cumberland in Wpg, police investigating.

-Tick season is ahead of schedule thanks to warm weather. Deer Ticks or black-legged ticks can carry the bacteria known to cause Lyme Disease.

-Jets survive Predators onslaught, find OT winner in Music City 4-3.



Flight diverted after dog poos in first class aisle. United Airlines had to divert and land over 1,000 miles away from its intended destination. The pooch had an accident on a flight from Houston to Seattle.


LAST of the ECLIPSE I PROMISE! Some fun pictures of the eclipse. Americans from all over the country traveled to regions where they could get a better view. Those people also took some spectacular photos.


Walmart USA Settlement: Grocery Shoppers Can Get up to $500 From Class Action Lawsuit. Walmart may owe shoppers money
The deadline for claims is June 5. This is Walmart SOUTH of the border, and all the details are in the link below:


THESE ARE MY PICTURES. How did they get my pictures?!?! Woman’s Prank Leaves Husband Speechless When She Puts His Most Embarrassing Pictures In Photo Frames All Over Target’s Shelves.


the phone call did it for me 😭

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Disney is about to start blocking password sharing, here’s when. Following Netflix’s successful implementation of anti-password sharing features, Disney+ and Hulu will soon follow suit.


Shocking Hotel Housekeeping Secret: Why You Should Hide Your Toothbrush! A viral warning from hotel guests and ex-managers reveals disturbing practices of housekeeping staff using guests’ personal items, like toothbrushes, for cleaning, highlighting the importance of safeguarding personal belongings in hotels.

It’s like the WALK button at intersections. I push the button and nothing happens! Why Hotel Elevators’ ‘Door Close’ Buttons Don’t Actually Work. It’s probably happened to you more often than you even know.

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