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World Didn’t End I want My Money Back-Poutine & Pets Day

World Didn’t End I want My Money Back-Poutine & Pets Day

Leons Headlines April 11: Brandon RCMP investigating a death in the Kemnay area but refuse to confirm whether it is a homicide.

-Brandon Police investigating a threat made against Crocus Plains School by a student Tuesday. As a precaution Wednesday saw an increased police presence at the school.

-The ambitious plans of Brandon Fresh Farm to transform the McKenzie Seeds building into an indoor farm have hit a brick wall, as local investors remain hesitant to commit. Despite initial enthusiasm, delays have hampered progress; company will seek funding from sources outside the community.

-MB RCMP Internet Child Exploitation Unit makes arrests in southern MB; 5 search warrants, 4 arrests & removed 3 children under 6 from situations where they were being abused & exploited. 3 different communities were involved, but RCMP will not be identify individuals or communities to protect the identity of the victims.

-Manitoba RCMP warns interac e-transfer scams are becoming more prevalent. In many instances, the victim receives an email which appears to be from someone trying to send them an interac e-transfer. Always “BE SURE BEFORE YOU CLICK”.

-MB government freezing fees for provincial park passes this season. Upcoming free provincial park entry dates include June 7 to 9; July 15 to 21 and Aug. 30 to Sept. 2.

-The “Buckle Up Tour” with rising Canadian country star Owen Riegling takes his tour to 12 small-town country bars across Canada, including a Brandon show May 13.

-O.J. Simpson, former football star acquitted of murder, dies at 76

-Jets in Dallas tonight to take on the Stars.

9 Years ago in BRANDON we briefly set the world record and I WAS a part of it! 🙂

More movies about toys made by the same people who made the Barbie Movie. Monopoly Movie In the Works From ‘BARBIE’ Team.
Margot Robbie goes from Mattel’s iconic doll to Hasbro and Lionsgate’s take on the classic board game.


This woman is POSSESSED. It figures. Look at the airline she was on….Spirit. The lady was arrested in Las Vegas for ‘cussing and growling’ at passengers. Yikes.

Fluffy comes to Winnipeg Sept 28, but this week got STUCK on a ride. Gabriel Iglesias & Family Get Stuck on ‘Cars’ Ride.


Oops. This is awkward. The end of the world didn’t come, so can I have my money back? Woman Tipped 2 Servers $1077 Because The Rapture Was Coming — Returned After The Eclipse To Demand Her Money Back.


Italy is in an uproar over this commercial bout Chips. It features nuns taking potato chips for communion. I think Jesus would LOVE chips.

Good to know this in case you get GIGLES from someone in response to an introduction when travelling. Does Your Name Translate Into Something Naughty in Another Language?

From BAD BUSINESS NEWS to GOOD BUSINESS NEWS! Here are 10 retail brands not only doing well in today’s economy, but they are the fastest growing chains in North America. Restaurant companies accounted for half of the top 10.


Over 50% trust Google more than what they learned in school. Uh-oh. It appears when we don’t know something, we don’t recall what we learned in school, we just need to remember where we put our phone.


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