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10 Chains That Could Follow Red Lobster-Incredible Turbulence

10 Chains That Could Follow Red Lobster-Incredible Turbulence

Leons Headlines May 22: Brandon’s 18th Street is the worst road in MB according to votes from Manitobans in a “wors roads” campaign run by CAA MB. Richmond Avenue also made the top 10 for 2024.

-Brandon’s street-sweeping crews are wrapping up work on the city’s priority routes and are preparing to move into residential zones. “No Parking” signs will be put out before crews move in.

-Ste. Rose RCMP used a spike belt to stop a septic truck stolen from Ebb and Flow First Nation Monday morning after police tried to stop the truck, driving erratically.

-Dauphin RCMP reported several traffic stops that led to the seizure of drugs & guns over the long weekend, including over 100 grams of cocaine & meth.

-Rainy conditions help keep northwestern MB fire at bay as residents begin to return.

-Valedictorian’s speech calling for Gaza ceasefire ripples through U of M community. College of medicine dean says in statement speech was ‘divisive and inflammatory’.

-Inflation in Canada slows to 2.7% in April, boosting June rate cut odds, welcome news for borrowers, and may help ease inflation further. This as Canadians feel grocery inflation is getting worse, 2 in 5 boycotting Loblaw: poll.

Severe Turbulence Aboard Singapore Airlines Flight Kills One, Injures 71. The latest updates from the airline confirm the fatality, as well as 71 additional injuries to passengers and flight crew as a result. Extreme Turbulence Results in Medical Emergency, Diversion to Bangkok According to the airline’s updates , the incident happened aboard Singapore Airlines Flight 321, departing from London Heathrow Airport (LHR) to Singapore Changi Airport (SIN). At around 4 AM One person has died, 18 others have been hospitalized, and dozens more were left injured when a Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-300 encountered severe turbulence during a 13-hour flight from London to Singapore.

Graceland Set For Foreclosure, Elvis Presley heir claims fraud. Elvis Presley’s granddaughter, Riley Keough, is fighting tooth and nail to prevent Graceland from being sold in a foreclosure auction — a move she claims is based on fraudulent documents. Riley inherited Graceland from her late mother Lisa.

This Viral TikTok Has Married People Sharing Their Partner’s Most Hated Habits. In one of their recent videos, TikTok user Liv said that for a long time, they had been hearing that marriage is hard. So after they finally got engaged themselves, they wanted to have a clearer picture of what it was that they’d signed up for.


STUDY: You are twice as likely to be run over by electric car than gas or diesel? YOU are twice as likely to be run over by an electric car than a petrol or diesel one because they are too quiet to hear, a study warns.


This contest is like the Pepsi Jet fiasco, except they’re giving the jet away. Liquid Death is giving away a fighter jet—for real.

Yuck. What a disgusting story of many levels. American Airlines Says Young Girls Should Have Noticed Hidden Camera Used By Flight Attendant to Secretly Film Them Using the Lavatory. American Airlines has been accused of ‘victim blaming’ after attorneys acting on behalf of the Fort Worth-based carrier claimed in a new court submission that the young victims of a flight attendant who secretly filmed them using a hidden camera in airplane lavatories should have noticed the concealed device.

Want more joyful days? Indulge in good wine, survey reveals. How much joy do you experience every month? If you’re a wine drinker, the answer may surprise you in a good way.


Travelers Are Planning Trips for This Summer. Record travel expected this Summer. 61% of U.S. travelers and 75% of Canadian travelers are planning overnight for leisure in the next four months and 34 percent expect to increase their overnight leisure travel this summer compared to last year.



12 GENIUS Family Road Trip Hacks! 🚗 SAVE this for all your Summer Road Trips!! These are my favorite!! #roadtriphacks #carhacks #momhacks #momsoftiktok

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Forget Christmas In July, M&M’s Is Doing Halloween In May. Did October dress up as the month of May for Halloween, or are M&M’s just really eager to sport their fall-themed packaging even earlier than usual?


Chili’s Reacts to Rumors That All Its Restaurants Are Shutting Down. Restaurant chains facing closures rumors. Is Chili’s going out of business? Recent internet rumors have certainly hinted at the possibility, leaving fans befuddled. Now, the chain has spoken out to set the record straight. But other chains are “on the ropes” and still struggling post pandemic. Here’s a list of 10 chains that are really struggling to keep locations open in 2024.



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