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Whistle dogs-Quiet Vacations-Traditions that need to go

Whistle dogs-Quiet Vacations-Traditions that need to go

Leons Headlines May 23: Get ready for Rain. 30mm to start Thursday night and continue until end of day Friday bringing significant moisture to the area.

-City of Brandon collection schedule returns to normal next week. On collection day, you can resume placing all three of your bins out for pickup.

-New report from Statistics Canada estimates the SW MB population grew last year to 125K up from 122K in 2022.

-MB gets a failing grade in a new report card from Food Banks Canada; D-, as MB struggles with unprecedented poverty & food insecurity. Almost 1/2 of Canadians feel financially worse compared to 2023, with 25% experiencing food insecurity.

-Local grain farmers buy Ski Valley resort. Ski Valley Minnedosa sold to new owners, the Klym family of Minnedosa.

-Neo Nutes Market in Brandon looking to raise $200K through an Indiegogo campaign to reopen an urban farm in the McKenzie Seeds building in downtown Brandon.

-Removing video of U of M valedictory speech ‘not productive’: expert. The speech led to tension between the medical school & its biggest private donor, sparking debate about how much influence donors should have over institutions.

-Manitoba Public Insurance opens centre in Wpg for hail claims, after almost 1200 claims following hail-packed thunderstorms.

-WestJet announces a new direct route from YWG to Fort Lauderdale, FL once a week starting Nov 18, along with direct flights to Los Cabos from Nov 9 to Apr 26.

A foul ball means a trip to the hospital and a concussion. However it also means your very own baseball card and some VIP treatment from the Blue Jays!

Self-Service Pet Vending Machines Spark Outrage in China. These vending machines are sparking outrage and it’s easy to see why. However some say it’s no different than pets stores. The fast-growing “unmanned economy” that continues to spread into almost every sector of the global economy, but this is so wrong.

Millennials are ‘quiet vacationing’ rather than asking their boss for PTO: ‘There’s a giant workaround culture’. If everyone is scared to lose their job, then everyone keeps working without taking time away, or at least it appears that way.


38 Traditions And Social Norms That People Think Need To Go Once And For All. One person’s idea of what is good or positive might very well be another person’s definition of bad or negative.


A&W is back with the WHISTLE Dog, apparently a legendary hot dog LOVED by Canadians. The fast food chain brought back the item when a massive online campaign and even a documentary helped sway decision makers to bring it back to menus.


Just in time for Africa Day, Coca-Cola is launching its latest creation: Coca-Cola Wozzaah Zero Sugar . This new beverage, named after the isiZulu phrase for “come here,” is designed to capture the spirit and creativity of Africa through a unique blend of flavors.

A musical about donuts?!?! It’s happening, and you could go free! In celebration of its 60th anniversary, Tim Hortons is offering fans a chance to win an unforgettable trip to Toronto to experience The Last Timbit musical. This production, inspired by a true story, is created in partnership with the producer of the acclaimed musical “Come From Away.”

More donut news. Here’s the latest on the KRISPY Kreme location opening in Winnipeg in just a matter of days. The first location in Manitoba.


Apparently moving is more overwhelming than losing a job. One in four Americans consider moving to be a more stressful endeavor than landing a plane in an emergency.


Are you car-compatible with your partner? A new survey reveals car-sharing challenges. One in four consider themselves “car-incompatible” with their spouses or partners, and a new study has found that 10% of men would consider it a deal breaker if they were not compatible. But what does that mean exactly?


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