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Ranking Hot Dog Cooking Methods-Top 10 Turbulent Routes

Ranking Hot Dog Cooking Methods-Top 10 Turbulent Routes

Leons Headlines May 24: Environment Canada Rainfall Warning for Brandon region includes Carberry, Neepawa & Treherne. Rain started overnight, will continue into Saturday afternoon, at times heavy. Total amounts of 50 to 60 mm with north wind gusts up to 60k.

-Province issues Overland Flood Warning as heavy precipitation could create overland flooding. Levels on rivers & streams will rise,  however levels are forecast to remain within the banks for the Red & Assiniboine.

-Manitoba government proposes new limits for landlords who want above-inflation rent hikes. Bill would also create incentives to convert non-residential properties into housing

-Provincial funding gives Brandon Housing co-op a boost, but more needed to keep rents affordable: manager. A new deal inked between MB Housing and the Spruce Woods Housing Co-op in Brandon will see the province help with costs. 

-PrairieCon weekend-long gaming convention hits Brandon this weekend with tournaments & workshops. The Western Canada Rib Fest Tour serves up ribs at the Riverbank Discovery Centre today through Sunday. Children’s Country Fair with Westman Dreams for Kids goes Sunday on Keystone grounds.

-Seafood chain Red Lobster will ask Canadian court to enforce U.S. bankruptcy in Canada. Chain filed for Chapter 11 in the US Monday.

-McDavid scores in 2OT to lift Oilers over Stars in West Final opener 3-2.

HERE COMES THE SHOW. Temps will be COLD enough to see SNOW accumulate across southern Manitoba Friday into Saturday, and we welcomed some snow Friday morning at the International Peace Gardens. Snow as also reported in Brandon, Riding Mountain Park and sections of the #16 corridor. (7:30 this morning at the US/CANADA Boundary.)

TRAVEL ADVISORY! Always make sure your travel documents match your ticket, or you could be in for a rough ride on your next holiday, as one ON family found out the hard way.

To our American fiends, HAPPY Memorial Day Long Weekend. Record travel expected!

Where are people going this US long weekend? VEGAS! Along with a few spots on the West coast and south.

Wheel of Fortune’ contestant offers wild, X-rated guess — sending audience into hysterics. “Tavaris will never be able to live this one down. So many jokes. Forever,” one viewer wrote.


The Absolute Best Way to Cook Hot Dogs. 8 methods were tested and if you can’t get out to grill your dogs or snow is covering your campfire, these are some tried and tested ways to still get a really good home made hot dog this weekend.


Bartenders Are Sharing The Things They Absolutely Hate That Customers Do And I’m Embarrassed To Say I’ve Done Some Of These.


Top 10 Most Turbulent Routes in the World. The skies aren’t always smooth sailing, due to frequent turbulence on certain challenging routes. Here’s the flights that will give you the roughest ride and the top 10 for North America too.

How Red Lobster plans to get back on its feet. The good news: Not all locations will close. The bad news: many will close, we just hope it’s not the one in our area. As it heads for bankruptcy and a probable sale, the seafood restaurant chain laid out a turnaround strategy that includes tech upgrades and more “sensible” menu promotions.


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